My MRI results are in

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  • hubert

    Drink plenty of liquids.

    (Beer, wine, vodka, etc.)


  • talesin

    OUCH!! I have tendonitis in both feet, it is extremely painful.

    Here's some good news! I had it in my left elbow, to the point that it would 'freeze'. I'm sure you know what I mean. Anyhow, I had the cortisone shot, and it hurt like a SOB for a couple days, then the tendonitis just WENT AWAY! It was like a miracle, I kid you not. The shot is not so bad, it just displaces the tissue, like when you have novocaine for a filling. Make sure the doc freezes it FIRST.

    Better times are soon to come.



  • Dimples

    LOL at Hubert.

    Tal, I've heard about that cortisone shot that it would hurt like a SOB (as you put it) for a couple of days and then it would go away. I begged my doc for a shot today but he said he has to send me to an orthopedic surgeon for the shot. I am in so much pain I am actually looking forward to the shot. Will let you know how it goes. How do you spell relief? C-O-R-T-I-S-O-N-E! LOL!


  • kls

    Great news Dimples that there is no tear but still Tendonitis is so painful and i really feel for you . Hope the pain gets better soon ,poor girl.

  • Carmel

    Switch your mouse to your left hand. You'd be amazed how much tension is ameliorated just by that simple act.

    carmel of the "lefty for pain relief" class

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    When I tore my shoulder..the Doc said I needed a special test other than an MRI. He gave me a shot of Novacain in the joint and then he had to put a BIG needle with dye in it into the joint to take pictures. (X-rays.)

    Well it showed the tear a lot better than an MRI. I was scheduled for an operation but I kept putting it off. Believe it or not..with excercise it slowly quit hurting.

    The best part was when I got the novacaine finally gave me some relief from that sharp stabbing pain.

    I had the cortisone first and that did nothing. If it doesn't help they may possibly want to do the dye X Ray.

    I also had a separated shoulder from when I fell off our sailboat. That hurt like a son of a gun. But not as bad as the tear!

    When I fell and tore my knee tendons..I did have the operation. They also had scrapped some calcium off the joint. I had imediate relief but every once in a while it aches.

    I hope all goes well for you..let us know what the orthopedic Dr says.


  • RichieRich

    I have horrible tendonitis in my ankles. I feel your pain.

  • damselfly

    If the accupuncture is done correctly then it doesn't hurt. I've known of quite a few people who had it done and swore by it. Keep up with the ice it's the one of the best things for it right now to get rid of the inflammation.


  • Dimples

    You guys are so great! I just love all of the advice and well wishes. It just makes me feel so special Thankies!!

    To all of you who are suffering and know what I am going through, Keep your chin up and here are plenty of hugs for you!



  • BrendaCloutier

    Yeah, tendonitis is a real pain in the <fill in blank>.

    I have it in both feet and ankles. It's quiet now, but when it flares... hooo boy. Podiatrist put me into some New Balance running shoes to help my pronation and improve my step, as I have deformed feet. It has helped. So do Teva Flips, which mold to my feet.

    For me it's worse in winter because of the cold/damp of the Pacific NW.

    Dimples... yes, move your mouse, that helps a lot. I have to move mine back and forth to keep my shoulders from freezing up. Ice is good and non-invasive. There are times my shoulder hurts so much (FibroMyalgia) that I tie it to my chest just to force myself to not use it.

    Good luck on the treatment.

    Hugs and love


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