did you actually pay for magazines and literature?

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  • AllAlongTheWatchtower

    On another thread that I started, I asked people how the society made money... I was told that they made publishers pay for mags, then they were also supposed to collect money from the householders for placing the mags. That got me worried, because my wife has a milkcrate full of Awakes and Watchtowers, so I said something to her about it, but she said nobody has to pay for them. *shrugs* Maybe they're just being nice to her in the 'love bomb' stage I've heard of? She's not baptized yet, thank goodness. I kind of forgot about it until this past week I saw that she has some books that look as if they're valuable, leather-bound, etc, and I asked her again, but she said they were given to her.

  • luna2

    I used to calculate based on what literature used to cost, increasing a bit for inflation each year. What a dope.

  • stillajwexelder

    I am ashamed to admit my wife puts in 50$ per month

  • Quentin

    When I was in you paid for everything...lets see...hardbound NWTs,in black or green, were a dollar...soft cover NWTs were two dollars...Truth book was twenty-five cents, other books varied from fifty cents to seventy-five cents...tracts were a penny...the Aid book was three dollars, I think and Watchtower and Awakes were either three cents or a nickle, can't remember...now they don't pay for anything, just donations?...thats gotta be some heavey duty donations to keep those wheels greased...

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