How many of you have...

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  • ballistic

    I have been three years running to the legend that is commonly known as "Mike's BBQ"

  • joannadandy

    Met some people who knew mutual people that I knew. And just met others from the board (previously didn't know) that are now good friends.

    I highly recommend meet-ups/apostafests. Even if you find someone in your area, just to meet for coffee - it's a good experience. It's fun to put pieces together, realize your not alone. Hear the commonality in a story you thought only happened to you...

  • Fe2O3Girl

    Sirona and I realised that we knew each other when we were JWs - we were in the same congregation. That was really brilliant!

    I have met some posters from the UK - Simon, Angharad, Ian (Dansk) and Claire, LittleToe and others.

  • daystar

    I've not met any from here in person yet. And I don't know if there is anyone here I knew when I was a JW.

    I'm hesitant to put my info out as my parents are still more or less active and I don't want to endure any more trouble there than I have to.

  • siegswife

    I've met rocketman, chia, funchback and lonleysheep. They're all great people that I enjoy spending time with!


  • Honesty

    I have. We were in the same congregation together for years and now we are in the same Sunday School Class at church.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    so far I have metquite a few. Some from out west. Some from the US. Quite a few from the Montreal area. And now I live close to where Scully works

    Now that I am in Ottawa I hope to meet a few more.

    At one of the group meetings in Montreal I met someone who I had met before through her sister who was in the cong I was going to. Got lots of the lies that had been told about me. Doozies.

    Scully and I knew some of the same people but I haven't met anyone here that I knew before

  • RichieRich

    soon... hopefully...

    I might take WhyamIhere to my prom!!! HA!!!

  • Tez

    I think its great that some of you have met up. I know my son and I would like to meet up with anyone in UK, though probably difficult to arrange. I think thats one of the reasons we came on here, hoping to hear from folk we knew, or folk who knew folk we knew!!!! Actually it would be great to meet up with my son!! who lives down the other end of the country now! We haven't seen each other since coming onto this site.. he introduced me to it, and we long to have a good old natter about it. Seeing him in a few weeks time at his brothers wedding, so looking forward to that. This site has helped him so much, thanks to all of you!!!

  • PaulJ

    Hi Mum!! We havent have we? It seems so long!!! Looking forward to the wedding, Im sure we will get the chance to have a good chat! Amy and Charlie are looking forward to seeng you too!

    Sorry hijacking your thread!!!

    I really want to go to Englishmans BBQ if he has one next year!

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