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  • tsunami_rid3r

    hey my dad is going to trade my gmc 2004 single cab black truck for a new ford mustang but i dont really want that because it will be expensive. if i had it my way i wouldve bought the 1991 honda crx this chick at work was selling for 800 bucks. so instead of the mustang i want to trade in for a new or used honda civic.

    sooo should i go for the new or used mustang or civic? do used cars really break down much?

  • prophecor

    Who's Buying?

  • kls

    If your dad is willing to help pay for the Mustang ,,go for it . Thou i don't like Fords these Mustangs are hot and car dealers cannot keep them on their lots, also the resale value in excellent.

  • JH

    I like brand new cars that's another one of my fetishes. But with the price of gas these days, I put the emphasis on gas efficient cars.

  • juni

    tsumani, hi!

    Yeah? Who's paying? If you are having Dad co-sign for your loan you might want to think twice about a new car. That's quite a burden for quite a few years and I'm sure you'll have other things coming up that you'll need or want to do. I can't say enough about the Mustang. I own a '95 Mustang GT convertible, 5.0. The car has 72,000 miles on it; it has regular oil changes every 2000 miles. My son just bought a used '95 and loves his too. They do hold their value. I don't know about the new Mustangs and their record on dependability.

    You'll have to do your research. My advice whatever you do is be satisfied w/YOUR DECISION. Another thing: sometimes you can buy a "cheap" car, but it turns out to be a money pit. I would want to see records of oil changes and maintenance from the seller or dealer.

    Good luck! juni

  • juni

    Sorry TSUNAMI for misspelling your name. juni

  • tsunami_rid3r

    uh hes buying. thats why i wanted to get the 800 dollar crx, but thats past now. i dont want to depend on my parents when im starting a new life, especially on a car.

  • tsunami_rid3r

    should i go for new? im looking at a 2005 honda civic VP for 15000 right now.

  • Oroborus21

    are you nuts? go for the Mustang. But you should take a look at the insurance costs for each. Obviously the stang is going to be much much more than the honda.


  • thom

    Yes, don't forget the insurance and gas costs. For me, I'd take the Honda either way, new or used, but that's just me.

    ---"do used cars really break down much?"---
    Depends on if you take care of them. I bought a $900 '93 Corolla 2 1/2 years ago and it still runs great. Spent about $1,400 in repairs over that time, which comes out to about $46/month (A/C repair and new clutch). Insurance is $45/month and gas mileage is great.
    It's never broken down for me, just like the Dodge I had before it with 180,000 miles on it never broke down. I drive back and forth to Wisconsin about every 6 weeks (3,600 miles round trip). But I take care of them. Let them rot and they'll let you walk.

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