What would you do?

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  • RichieRich

    me, you, and wanderlustguy sure do seem to attract the weirdos.

    buy a gun. Or a really big stick.

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    but the client can place a complaint against our agency.

    For what? Because you dare charge him for your service (a reasonable charge I might add).

    More importantly he hasn't even paid you your broker fee. He has no complaint.

    Don't let these pricks scare you with threats of filing complaints...let them. The broker fees you're charging are peanuts. I can't see complaints going anywhere. Besides if he thoguth you had not givin full, true and plain disclosure he could have cancelled it immediately.

    Don't let these punks boss you around they should be kissing your ass that you aren't charging them double.

    There...feel better? Now quit your whining and get back to work

  • lola28

    Richie, I think maybe I will get a big stick...yes that should do.

    Happy Guy(: Two things

    1.What is this self respect you speak of ?

    2. Work? What work? (as she stares at thirty files)


  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    What is this self respect you speak of ?

    lol they've beaten you down that badly? ((( lola28 )))

  • garybuss

    I sold cabinets to a guy for a huge new house. He lived on a dairy farm and drove a truck over the road full time. When we were finishing up installing the cabinets the other subs told me everybody on the job has had a problem with him. The subs wanted to know how I was doing with him. He was waiting until all the contractors were done with their jobs and submitted their bills. Then he went into a rant about how terrible the work was and made a pick apart list of things wrong with the jobs, like the concrete was not perfectly level to a straightedge.
    Then he threatened to sue the subs. The subs were all small guys who needed the payments to feed their families and pay for supplies, and couldn't afford to go to court and wait a year to get a part payment from this guy, so they settled for 75% to 80% of their bills. This guy got his house for 80%.
    I got my bill paid 100% and on time. The other subs said I was the only one who got paid without a hassle. I learned from it all though and I changed my bids and my requests for payment.
    I don't work for anybody I don't like.

  • Mum

    Lola, you might already know this, but no one has said it so far.

    If you go to court, you need evidence. I would ask this customer to make all requests and complaints in writing. If there is no written communication, keep a log of the times, dates, and conversations ( or whatever they are) you have with this person. Be as detailed as possible. Some judges cave in to the loudest bully in a case for the same "reasons" everyone else does.

    In fact, it would be a good idea to keep a diary of what happens, what is said and by whom, with times and dates every day. Then type it into a word processing program and save it with a password. Good record keeping can't be overemphasized. I am a records professional, so I know what I'm talking about. I also have extensive experience in a legal environment. Don't ever let it be just your word against his.

    Best wishes,


  • Golf

    I've owned my business for 35 years, within those years I've had a few hassles over payment, they were all rectified.

    You don't need or want clients of this sort!


  • lola28

    Mum, you have given very wise advise. In all of our clients files we have an "info sheet" When someone calls us we pull the file and note the date, time and who we spoke with along with the details of the conversation. We do this even if we are just calling to remind someone of their monthly payments. Also we never make any changes for anyone over the phone unless it is a change of address . If someone needs to add or delete a vehicle from a policy or needs to cancel the policy we request that they come in to our office. If they are not in the area they must e-mail the changes.

    It is always a good thing to document everything that happens and have it in writting.


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I would refuse to do business with him. If her persists, get a restraining order. If you must continue the business relationship, lay down some ground rules. Refuse to acknowledge him if he raises his voice or uses foul language. If he's on the phone, tell him you're terminating the conversation because you only deal with calm rational people, and then hang up. Most of all, remain respectful and calm--that drives assholes nuts more than anything. If you're oblivious to their tantrums, they're powerless. Don't let them ruin your day, instead sing "Spread a little sunshine every dayyyy, spread a little sunshine everywayyyy. Helps someone along life's wayyyyy, spread a little sunshine everrryyy dayyyy." :-)

  • Elsewhere

    You asked what *I* would do, so I'm not telling *you* what to do.

    I would take his name, address, and phone number from his file and then visit some websites that cater to the homosexual community and sign him up for every magazine (Select "Bill me later") and email service I can find. I would make sure I put his phone number in every form possible so he gets plenty of advertisement calls.

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