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  • lola28

    Okay guys I need your help. Here is the story, I work in auto insurance and I have a client that has been giving me problems. About two months ago this guy called in for a quote I gave him a quote and hoped that he would not like it and go else where. As it turned out we gave him the best quote and he came in to purchase the insurance. From the get go I realized that soemthing wad not right with him he was rude and very unpleasant. I gave him a price of $40.00 a month and $175.00down which included our broker fee of 75.00 dollars. I disclosed our fee and he got extremly upset, I told him that if he did not like our fees he could go elsewhere. He decided to get the policy, a few days later he called in and screamed at me on the phone, he said he wanted to speak with my manager because he balieved I had ripped him off. I told him I was a manager and that I had disclossed all of our fees, not only had I disclosed our fees but I had also given him the opportunity to go somewhere else and find a better price, he screamed at me some more and then said he was going to sue our office for false advertising.

    A month later he comes in and pays for his insurance ( I guess he could not find a better price) any ways two weeks after that he comes in and says he has a new vehicle that he wants to add to the policy, I tell him that it will cost him $150.00 which is what his insurance company charges to add a vehicle to the policy, again he is not happy and demands that I find him another company, I find him another comapany and offer him a $198.00 down payment with a broker fee of $50.00 which is unheard of. He only paid what the company was asking for and said he would pay us our broker fee a week later.

    Yesterday he called in and said that he had another car to add to his policy, again I told him what his company charged and he hung up on me as soon as he heard the price. Five minutes later he calls back and again threateans to sue me, and begins cursing at me, I told him to have his lawyer call me and hung up on him. Ten minutes later he calls and asks for the companys phone number and I gave it to him. later he calls back and says that his company only charges a certain ammount and it was not what I had told him, Itold him that his company charged a fee and that we did as well because we do not work for free, again he hung up on me after he said some not so nice things. within thirty minutes I get a phone call from someone at the company who was almost in tears because he was on the other line screaming at her. I expalined the situation at told her that we would not do any changes for free and that he had never paid us our broker fee. She called me later and said he had made such a seen that they did the changes for him without asking for any money just to get rid of him.

    So here is my question how would you deal with a client like this? Honestly I feel that he is mentally unbalanced and I really fear for my safety. What should I do? Please help I know all of you will have good suggestions. Sorry this got so long but I needed to vent, I was so unnerved by him that I could not sleep last night. I really feel like he could harm me, any suggestions will be welcomed.



  • daystar

    Luckily I have not had to deal with this sort of person in a long time. There are cheapskate, bully types out there that will bellow there way into getting what they want.

    In my opinion, you did the right thing. The reason why this guy acts this way is because he gets away with it, just like kids will do. Your colleagues should have backed up your decision.

    In any case, I think you should try to forget about it. He has gotten what he wants. While you may be on his short list of people who aren't pushovers, it's not highly likely he'll do anything else.


    Put this idiot in the arena with me and a few lions and i'll Show him why he needs to be insured.

  • lola28

    Sure if you want him you can have the jerk.

  • anewme

    When I worked in retail I was amazed at how many people would pull public display stunts just to save themselves a few pennies. Most of the time it works. That's why they do it. They create enough of a scene and the managers will appease them just to get the scene out of the store. Its just part of doing business with the public. Try to shrug it off.

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Before my days in Corprorate Finance and Investment Banking I was an Investment Advisor (in Canada that is the term for Stock Broker).

    I had very good client who asked if he could refer me to a freind who truned out to be a very good client but he, in turn, referred my to yet another freind who was a few cards short of a full deck. Much like the mental case you had.

    Your question is 'what to do' ? I'll tell you and be straight forward about it: Have you no self respect? You are an industry professional don't be taking that shit. You aren't some clerk. Tell them to take their mental problems somewhere else.

  • BrendaCloutier

    I agree with happy guy. You have a business and a right to be treated with due respect. You have done nothing to this man that would create this type of response. The next time he calls or comes in to pay, tell him to take his business elsewhere. if you cannot do so just for a payment, the next time he has a policy change, or the policy is up for renewal, you might work with the insurance company for a non-renew, and then tell him to go elsewhere.

    Also, call the state insurance commission and see wha YOUR rights are before you do anything further with him. If they have a formal complaint process for your end of the business, file one.

  • Been there
    Been there

    Next time you talk to him just say "Dear sir, when talking to me please remember who will be taking care of your claim when you have an accident."

  • lola28

    Thank you guys for your help,

    Brenda when he called to make the change I called my boss, we decided that we would not waive our fee in hopes that this person would not have wanted the policy and would have gone elsewhere. However he went directly through to the insurance company and they made the change for him without charging their fees, so now we are stuck with him for a year.

    We will be placing a complaint with our marketing rep. today, due to the fact that he did not pay us or broker fee we have decided to not provided any customer service for him including taking monthly payments. I don't think we can place any complaints with the department of insurance regarding a client but the client can place a complaint against our agency.


  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    oops double post.

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