National JW Day?

by gringojj 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • RichieRich
    Don't forget to drop Richie Checks in the donations box and bathroom stalls.

    How about 06/06/06? That just works!!!

  • Oroborus21

    Hey that's my idea!

    I call it "Then They Will Know Day"

    I am working it out based upon some comments that were made but eventually I will info about it on my site:

    in order to organize.



    PS: the date that I suggest using is the weekend before the Memorial each year but I heard that Silentlambs might have something going already.

  • gringojj

    Brenda, yes I would go to the hall my wife was attending, just because alot of the people there know me as a hard-core anti-witness. As a matter of fact I really wonder what they think of me because I saw a few at the dc and let me tell you I fit in perfect with the dubs, sport coat and all. I mean they know I have some tough questions and they know my postition that is if they wont answer my questions then I will not acknowledge anything they have to say. Then they see me at the dc. They probably think "He knows its the truth he just wont admit" or some crap like that. I hope they are confused about me but I doubt it.

    To Defd,

    From what I have seen in my short relationship with the dubs, if I am wrong and armageddon comes, I will rejoice at 1. The fact that I spent every moment of my life free and enjoying all this paradise we call earth has to offer, and 2. The fact that I will not have to spend eternity in hellish earth run by the lying, hypocritical, child molester protecting organazation of the jws.


    Have you ever heard them talk about how strong satan is, how powerful? Have you ever stopped to think he could be running the wts? Please give me the reasons you know that he is not running the wts because I would really like to know them.

  • Carmel


    I'd come to Portland just to go with you.. Maybe we could get Biker Chic and Onacruse to join us!!


  • jaffacake
    The day Armageddon starts.


    Oops, you seem to have a wrong Biblical interpretation of Scriptures again, this time in respect of what Armageddon is. My Armageddon happened in the past, its not something in the future. Suggestion: Get the New Testament & get back to gospel basics.

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