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  • luna2

    Nah, I don't think I know how. I can converse with guys, but nothing like a friend of mine who has them eating out of her hand in about ten seconds flat. LOL

  • LouBelle

    There's nothing wrong in flirting. Makes you & the one you're flirting with feel good & mischievious. As long as no harm is done. I do it because i can and I like it.

  • Crumpet
    Why expose yourselves to things like pornographic material, which is more and more prevalent around the world today? Also, avoid inviting the attention of immoral people by flirting with them, or by immodest dress and grooming, which we talked about earlier in the program this week. Beware of the voice of immoral strangers.

    From the 2003 District Convention. Flirting could lead to being with an immoral stranger with some hard core porn!

    Hell yeah - I'll flirt!

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