Ex-Elder Friend Tells Me Why He Thinks Elders Don't Go After Me!

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  • willyloman

    The last congo I was in, we had a wealthy elder who would absolutely refuse to sit on any judical committee if the the accused appeared savvy enough to think to call a lawyer.

    He cited the WTS' letter to bodies of elders in which they basically said, if sued you're on your own. He said he would be an obvious target of such a lawsuit because he had been very successful in business and was visibly well off. His position was the Society, by its letter, had made it necessary for him to make choices when it came to volunteering to sit on JCs. The other elders just shrugged and moved on with the discussion, finally settling on elders with less to lose.

  • minimus

    Little Toe, if I've got only 1 testicle, you sir, have no member!

  • talesin

    Mini knows too much!

    All joking aside, that is a good protection in some things ,,, especially if you have it in writing, and in the hands of several trustworthy people just in case ...


  • katiekitten

    I knew someone with an enlarged testicle once. He plastered out living room.

  • dilaceratus

    "I knew someone with an enlarged testicle once. He plastered ou[r] living room."

    [Dilaceratus, BA MA in Gershon Legman Studies]

  • Leolaia


  • Frog
    Holy cats-- this is the single most unexpectedly filthy comment I have ever read on this message board.

    dilaceratus, this is clear evidence that you aint been poking your head around here often enough

    Good for you mini for putting the fear in em, what a turn of the tables that is! Keep em at bay with the ol defamation of character laws.

  • dilaceratus

    "dilaceratus, this is clear evidence that you aint been poking your head around here often enough [redacted wink]"

    Dear Frog,

    I am afraid that I must cheerfully disagree: I meant "most unexpectedly filthy," not "most filthy." The elephantine plodding with which the usual cast of characters make their feeble attempts at ribaldry and/or seduction were what made the sharpness of this comment so joyful.

    [Ecce signum,]

  • LittleToe

    "No" - such a little word, yet rampant with meaning....

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Min -

    I think I accidently protected myself by forcefully telling them in writing 'that there are laws that I will put into play to protect my name and reputation from the slander' that the elders were spreading about me. I had really just decided that I was not willing to be their verbal doormat.

    My wife says the same thing - that the elders are afraid of what I will do should they act.

    They have, in my case, still effected the same treatment and shunning I would have gotten as a disfellowwhipped 'apostate'. One benifit might be that some in the congregation might see that they have done that without charge or JC - they might see the unfairness and get doubts. Who knows. It was not a strategy for me, per se. But whatever works in one case might work elsewhere.


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