When people fall.............

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  • JH

    When I fall, I don't laugh, does this mean something

  • damselfly

    Oh another one! This past fall at work I was washing my hands at the counter sink at work, I was bent over a little to get my elbows under the spray. I came up quickly and hit the middle of my forehead on the cupboard door that I had opened a moment earlier. I had a client in 5 mins and blood rolling down my face. No one saw that one


  • candidlynuts

    i fall going UP stairs...

    several times have waved my arms like i'm gonna fly or something to try to get my balance then tumble backwards..... i've been told its quite amusing..

    other times i trip over my own feet and just flop up the stairs..

    i think i have some wierd neurological disorder or something..but it does generate laughs.. usually i laugh too unless my tailbone is shooting out of my chin at the end of a fall!

  • karen96

    If you find people falling amusing, then you will like this....

    Click here: Falling lady or http://www.izpitera.ru/lj/tetka.swf

    If she gets stuck, you can use your mouse to move her.


  • fairchild
    Man, you sound like my wife. Nothing makes her laugh harder than someone falling down, tripping, running into something, whatever. Especially if its me...


    Brandon, they sell shoes with anti-slip soles. We have to wear them at work and they're amazing.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I think the absurdity of someone falling is what makes most of us laugh.

  • luna2
    OMG No I can't watch those accident clips on America's Funniest Videos. I sit and cringe all the way though the show

    I agree...which is why I usually can't watch even half of the show. Oh ho, ho, the fat broad fell off a horse or the bride slipped and took a tumble on the dance floor and her skirt ended up over her head (okay, I admit, that's sorta funny). And what's with all the videos of kids hitting baseballs (or golf balls or footballs) which immediatly make a beeline for their father's nuts? That was mildly funny like once.

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