Doctors - I'm beginning to hate them

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I don't know why I bother to go through these things.

    Appointments with idiots mascarading as doctors.

    A couple of months ago I went to the Rehabilitaion Center here in Ottawa and saw a physiotherapist. She asked me what I wanted from her

    me: Well I'd like to be up and walking but if that isn't going to happen then I need to be fit as possible as long as I am using a wheelchair so I don't develop a lot of other problems.

    her: so why ARE you using a wheelchair

    me: well I have a lot of main and swelling in my feet (actually I was a little more technical with her than that)

    her: and just for some pain in your feet you are using a wheelchair (she asks in a rather surprizing tone)

    me: yes it makes standing and walking very difficult due to the pain

    her: well I see no reason you should be using a chair

    me: well if the source of the problem can be figured out then I wouldn't need the chair

    her: So. We will get you up and walking. How did you get here today?

    me: I came on the bus.

    her: You mean Paratranspo (adapted buses)

    me: No I came on the regular bus.

    her: But how did you get the chair on the bus? (she sounds rather shocked that I could even get the wheelchair on the bus)

    me: No the city of Ottawa has modified buses. They lower the front of the bus and a ramp folds out. I roll on and get into the designated spot for wheelchairs or scooters.

    her: Really!! The buses can do that? (The nurse with us is also quite amaxed. But the intern obviously has seen this and informed them that I was correct. I think she would have thought me out of my head and delirious if the intern hadn't confirmed it.)

    Now OK this is a doctor who works at a REHAB centre with people in WHEELCHAIRS. Hello. Has it really taken you this long to know that people in wheelchairs can take the bus!!!

    Well she sends me home with some exercises that are supposed to help and tells me to ride a bike (Yup that one's really going to work.!!!

    Now a word or two from another brilliant doctor. This time an Orthopedic Surgeon. This ain't no run of the mill doctor. He knows how to slice and dice. Now I should tell you that before I went I thought this was going to be a waste of time. I asked my GP if she still wanted me to go considering the MRI, the bone scan and the Xray all said there was nothing structurally wrong with my feet. She wanted me to go so being the cooperative person who really would like someone to find out what is wrong I rolled myself off to the surgeon.

    First question out of his mouth

    him: why are you in a wheelchair?

    me: because of the pain in my feet.

    him: you know you will be sorry you ever started using one?

    me: well right now it is the only way I can manage and still get around.

    (He spends 20 seconds looking at my Xray and another 20 seconds looking at all my test result.)

    him: well your feet look like there is nothing wrong with them at all.

    me: well the swelling has gone down with the increase in medication

    him: oh. What kinds of medication?

    me - I give him the list of what has been tried and what worked and what didn't

    him: so right now your feet are doing OK. So you should get out of that chair and start walking (My eyes want to roll over in their sockets but I restrain myself

    him: Has anyone ever "talked" to you about your feet?

    me: yeah

    him; OK you sit up on the table and I will look at your feet.

    Now I need to add a little note here. Due to the medications and the fact that I have been staying OFF my feet they actually do look normal and I have been having very little pain. (But they won't for long. especially once he is through)

    So he grabs a foot and starts pressing. I swear to God he found every single nerve in my fewet and found a way to irritate the hell out of them. (Think holding a flame under your skin to see how fast you react. I'm on the table yelling and he just keeps going. One spot after the other. I've had people check my feet before but never have I yelled like this.

    Once he is done he says everything is normal and I should start walking and get rid of the chair.

    Boom just like that.

    My feet by this time are numb with the pain of it all. But not for long. This was on Wednesday. My feet are swollen and burning and I am in so much pain my GP had to increase my meds just so I could tolerate living until the results of his "examination" are gone.

    Now when I saw my GP on Friday she checked my feet -- very very gently. She is very good and I trust her. But she touched one spot and I jumped. I think we were both surprised. Damn doctor had pressed so hard he bruised me.

    Some days are just a pain.

    Next test is a nerve conduction test to see if the nerves are noral. They get to electrocute me!!!!

    It sounds worse than it is. They just want to know if the nerves are normal so they use electrodes to stimulate the muscles and nerves - from what I understand

  • Sassy

    Ahhhhh Lee.. I wish they had better answers for you.. Drs drive me crazy out here too.. sometimes I think I know more than they do..

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    I am totally empathetic with you, Lee. I think docs ought to hafta go thru every torturfied physical disorder there is in their so-called field of "expertise" before they can be certified to practice.



  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    What gets me is that they seem to be totally oblivios to the idea that PAIN could be a good reason to avoid walking.

    I did't get what he meant about the "talk to you" comment until later. Bloody guy thinks it is all in my head.

    If I had "got" him at the time I would have told yes it has been discussed

    They treat you like you're a fool.

    I have to keep reminding myself that what they really mean is they THEY don't know what the problem is so they will just say it is in your head. But their knowledge is limited to their field of specialization.

  • talesin

    Lee, oh yuck!

    The electrode test doesn't hurt or feel uncomfortable (at least mine didn't). Just wanted to help put your mind at ease.

    I know what you mean,,, 2 surgeries, and now I am in constant pain and infection, and will need a third --- problem is, I don't know where to turn to find a decent surgeon who will LISTEN. Am prepared to raise some major hell as soon as the summer heat is over!

    Foot pain is just unbearable, I can't believe the callousness of that ortho! (((HUGS)))


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    what they really mean is they THEY don't know what the problem is so they will just say it is in your head.

    I've always found this to be tried and true, Lee. There's gotta be something wrong with us if they can't figure it out. The last doc that told me that....well....I better not tell ya what I told him in front of his class. It didn't embarrass me, and I hope it embarrassed the HELLoutta him, but it's not for tender ears.


  • Country_Woman

    Do understand you Lee....

    have some troubles with doctors myself - arthrose (shoulder-feet knee) and he wanted me to stop with my painkillers

  • candidlynuts

    boy! do i ever empathize! how frustrating it can be!

    my companion is in a wheel chair.. his medical file is about 4 inches thick..

    he's been having problems since 95. recently his neurosurgeon was changed...

    that woman kept saying " nothing on your last MRI indicates that you should be using a wheel chair , we see this wrong and that wrong but that shouldnt prevent you from walking"

    no? well gee.. lets just jump up outta this chair and yell HURRAY!

    so i asked if she'd read his files from previous drs...she said no , she hadnt had an opportunity yet..

    geeeeeeeeeez we wait 6 weeks to get an appt and they cant be botherred to review the FILE?

    it makes you want to bang your head against a wall!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Country Woman If you mean arthritis I am having good success with Glucosamine and Condroitin - - stops most of the arthritis throbbing type pain.

    The anti-inflammatories did nothing for my arthritis. Mind you they did nothing for the nerve pain either. But they can be hard on the body

    Fran OMG I can only imagine

    CandidlyNuts - that is exactly how I feel. Well I'm just gonna pick up my chair and walk. Only problem is I'd get 15 feet from where I started and the pain would stop me in my tracks

    So - walk in pain that can bring me to tears or use a wheelchair that gives me relief and lets me get around and take care of myself

    Hmmmmmmm such a hard decision

  • Country_Woman
    If you mean arthritis I am having good success with Glucosamine and Condroitin - - stops most of the arthritis throbbing type pain.

    I know, I am taking this for more then 2,5 years now and it is working.

    a few months ago, I could'nt lift my arm and when i finally went to see my doctor, he prescribed me Diclofenac Natrium. It was like a miracle: the pain vanished overal (except for my headache) and i could move freely.

    But, after the echo and rontgen which did show 'degenerative wear' (here called arthrose - arthritis is the same with chronic inflammatory as I understood), he told me to stop with the medication for Diclofenac ain't good for long time use. Now the pain is back - so i have to go to the doctor again and plee for more....

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