It's time to say goodbye for awhile

by Dustin 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dustin

    I think it's time for me to say goodbye for a while. My time here has been a great time of healing and closure for me. However I have found lately that it is no longer helpful for me to think about my former life as a JW. I am turning the page on my former life. There are new hopes and dreams out there for me, and I no longer want to have the JW feelings holding me back. As helpful as it was to talk about and sort out my feelings I just don't feel I have any more to say.

    For all of those who helped me sort out my feelings, I will always be grateful. It was such a help to see there were others out there who shared similar experiences. But all things eventually come to an end. I wish everyone the best in their new lives post WTBTS.

    I will check in from time to time. But it will be much less frequent. If any of you would like to e-mail me leave a PM and I will check it sometime this next week.

    I would like to leave a special thank you for Simon, because this website helped more than he can imagine.

    Best wishes everyone


  • kls

    Great news Dustin, not that you are leaving but because you are ready to move on ,and that is great news.

    My best wishes to you and your wife ,,,be happy

  • GetBusyLiving

    Take care Dustin, you're a good dude. Hopefully meet you one day at an apostafest.


  • wanderlustguy

    It was great meeting you, good luck and best wishes.


  • JH

    Hope to see you again Dustin

  • ButtLight

    you cant leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We still have to go out and get drunk! Well I guess we can still do that, i have your email! Best wishes!

  • Sassy

    Good luck Dustin!

  • IronGland

    see you in a few days

  • Legolas

    Take care!!

  • schne_belly

    Best wishes to you and your wife. We will miss you here on JWD.

    More power to you for being able to completely move on and lead a happy wonderful life together. May I add "Thank YOU" for your support and encouragement to me and everyone else here too.

    Take care.....

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