Has any one else got this???

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  • mouthy

    I have just received a book Titled "Captives of a Concept" Understanding the Illusionary Concept That hold Jehovah's Witnesses Captive By Don Cameron.( Former Memeber of the Body of Elders of JW)

    I am sorry if this has been mentioned before but You know me!!!! Asked wrong questions for years!!! Only now asking right one in my opinion. It states on the front cover "There is only one thing that needs to be known about the Watchtower Society & there is only one way to know it"

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Good Morning Grace

    I haven't got the book --- yet, but it sure sounds interesting from the title.

    I've moved again. This time into my own place, finally

  • mouthy

    Can I have your address????Glad you have your own place ....How is the health????


  • shera

    Sounds like a good read. this may sound like an odd question,but are these books sold in all bookstores?

  • carla

    I have the book. The author also visits here once & awhile. I am going to try his 'method' as soon as the opportunity arises, which I am tying to head in that direction. Basically, the wt couldn't have been 'on the look out' for Christ in 1914 as they already believed he was 'here', in 1874. Why would you keep 'looking' if he was already here? They taught the 1874 date until 1929, I believe. Anyway I thought it was a very good book and easy for the non jw to understand. Meaning a family member who hasn't done all the research that us ubm's have done. I think most of the ubm's here have done extensive research and most know the doctrines and flip flops better than their jw mates. I would love to hear from one who was a jw what they thought of the book and how it would work. carla

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    If you ask a JW about it..you will get.."We aren't perfect..but Jehovah is constantly giving us New Light"..Same old same old.

    Mouthy..the book sound interesting..do you like it?

    Snoozy...aka..Golden Girl

  • garybuss
  • mouthy

    Thanks Gary I read your backing on the back of the book .... Been a long time since I have seen you Are you going to PA Oct 14th??? Witness now for Jesus Convention?

    Yes I am enjoying the book.Was surprised to read Russell was NOT the original "starter "of the JW a guy named W.H. Conly

  • cab1000

    I've got it. I read it cover to cover.

    I tried to use the information twice on two witnesses, both elders. One said that yes, they (Watchtower) made mistakes, but so did other prophets in the bible, and God used them?!?!?!!

    The other said that they were the ONLY ones using "Jehovah's" name, and that made them special, thats why Jesus would have chosen them in 1919.

    It is always one thing or another. Each is defeatable, but they wont stop coming up with crap. They really must have a crack in their "spiritual armor" to "see the light". In fact, the author brings that out anyway. But I just had to try it.


  • BrendaCloutier

    No, haven't gotten nor read the book, but when I get some $$ it's now on my list along with CoC and Franz other book.

    but so did other prophets in the bible

    Yeah, I ran into that one recently: some elder I ran into at a Salvation Army Thrift Store tried to use this one on me... some prophet telling some king he would only live ## and the king praying to Jehovah and living longer.... OT stuff. And I suggested to the elder that if he/WTBTS was likening their errors to this prophet, then they, themselves were prophets (I keep wanting to spell this profit), and false ones because the WTBTS has made many more false prophesies than that one ancient.

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