Ozzie's weekend Poll #143 - Those experiences sessions!

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  • ozziepost
    I believe now that the "experiences part" has more to do with with reinforcing a thought or idea of the GB than anything that happened in real life. This might not happen at every assembly but it happened to me.(30 years ago)

    I think you're pretty close to the mark.

    The assembly program comes to the C.O./D.O. much like a PT outline.

    For the experiences part, it will read something like: "Find a qualified brother, in his 20s, ...etc, etc." Then the poor C.O. has to find someone remotely like what is stated in the outline. invariably he'll have to coerce the willing (struggling?) dupe and then at the rehearsal, both the C.O. and D.O. will be stuck with forcing the dupe to "say the right thing" i.e. spout words that are just like the outline.

    Every assembly rehearsal I went to, and I went to several a year, was like that.

  • misspeaches

    1. Encouraged --> I thought really hard about this one and... well I have to say yes. I believed that all the crappola they taught us. Since my departure I have discovered it is mostly baloney though.

    2. Challenged --> Nah - I generally had enough on my plate to bother about adding another challenge

    3. Guilty --> They would generally be pretty successful in their guilt trips. It worked with me. Not that I did much from though.

    4. Inferior --> erm hello - girl here. Always inferior

    5. "Oh no, here we go again!" -->this one applies when it was the same goody goody people each assembly up on the stage

    6. "Sounds good but I know how it really was." -->i never knew how it really was!!!

    7. "Did they really say that?" -->hell yeah! i used to think people would think i was weirder then already percieved if I had come out with some of their crap

    8. Embarrassed --> yes when you hear about them forcing their ways into secure bldgs etc.

    9. Try hards! -->mostly this one. I generally looked down on the goody goodys with much disdain. LOL

    10. Other (please detail) --> I think you got them all Mrs Ozzie!!! There aint no other!

  • hartstrings
    Oh no, here we go again!

    Let's see, how much money did you contribute to the C.O.? Have you kissed his ass enough when he visits your cong? If so you may be one of the few, the proud, the "experience givers."

  • Leolaia

    Bored beyond belief.

    Waiting for clapping cues.

  • DannyBloem

    Just back from DC.

    This is the first time I did not find myself lonely and not fitting in. This is the first time I did not find that I did neber do enough.

    Maybe because I just do not care anymore.


  • luna2

    #4-Inferior ~ I always believed their happy little stories...and wondered why it was too much for me to be like them. Even though the experiences sounded canned, I didn't truly didn't think they'd goose up reality just for the assembly. Dur, what a moron! LOL

    #5-Oh no, here we go again ~ Because these stupid stories made me feel like a big slacker/loser, I dreaded this part of the program. I began to wonder if I was the only JW who never had such upbuilding experiences. Plus, the format...with the elder asking questions and the brother or sister woodenly responding...was so stiff and unnatural, that it was hard to pay attention. What should have been interesting and encouraging had all the impact of a bucket full of styrofoam packing peanuts.

  • thom

    1. Encouraged -- Nope, I don't think I ever felt encouraged by them.
    2. Challenged -- I found it unrealistic so never felt like I'd do stuff like they described.
    3. Guilty -- I remember a few times feeling like everyone else was doing what they were supposed to but me. So yeah, maybe guilty a few times.
    4. Inferior -- No, I don't think I ever felt that way.
    5. "Oh no, here we go again!" -- THAT'S IT! I didn't mind the experiences parts because I didn't have to look like I was looking up scriptures, I could just sit there and stare at the stage and daydream.
    6. "Sounds good but I know how it really was." -- Yeah, when you know the people involved it really shows how staged it was.
    7. "Did they really say that?" -- Usually when some eccentric person was relating an experience I would think that. And of course how Jehovah blessed them in all these strange ways. Made me feel...
    8. Embarrassed -- yeah, that's how it made me feel, embarrased when I heard some of the stuff.
    9. Try hards! -- Not me! I always tend to do things my own way. Not a good way to be if you want to be a JW.

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