What are things you've always wanted to do, what's stopping you now?

by wanderlustguy 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • delilah

    LOL Katie.....I wanted to be an architect....and an interior designer....I also enjoy outdoor design....what's stopping me????? ABSOLUTELY nothing, but me mind is not as fresh as it used to be, I help friends decorate and design their living spaces, it's fun....but I'd sure like to have the credentials behind me to make the big bucks..... Will look into it for the Fall....


  • Apathy

    I wan to be a Prosecuting Attourney, and a well-renowned author of short stories.
    What's stopping me? Erm. I'm fifteen, lacking in the talent area, too poor for law school, and don't make good enough grades for a scholarship.
    Lalalala, life is fab! -cough- Please ignore the teen angst. ._.

  • bikerchic
    Spend more time with my kids, haven't done it because I have been too self centered in a way, and I've been traveling due to my career...fixing that one, the self centered thing is gonna have to be forced.

    Quite an admission no one would have to force me to see my kids. Best not put it off too long they don't wait, they tend to grow up and move on......

    The only thing that keeps me from doing all I've ever wanted to do is money, need lots of money!

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