I am NOT going to smoke a cigarette today

by DanTheMan 50 Replies latest jw friends

  • DanTheMan

    So there.

    I have been smoking on and off since about 1999, and I'm tired of it. It's time to quit for good.

    I will be revisiting this thread before I go to bed tonight, and I WILL at that time be able to post that I made it through the day without a single puff of tobacco smoke.

  • under74

    Good for you. I'll smoke for both of us.

  • blondie

    People start smoking for a variety of reasons. But I think they underestimate how hard it is to quit. When I went to Al-Anon (AA) regularly, the recovering alcoholics said that quitting smoking was harder than quitting alcohol. Even the few people who dropped by from Narcotics Anonymous would say it was easier for them to quit heroin or cocaine than cigarettes.

    You will feel worse before you feel better, at least a month. Your body has to throw off all the accumulations in your body. So don't give up.

    Now if they could figure a way to just quit eating and lose weight.

    Love, Blondie

  • ballistic

    Good for you mate - I gave up and posted my progress on this very web site.

    I lasted a year and a half.

    But, now just reading this thread is enough to make me think of rolling another! A bit like those anti-smoking ads always remind me to go and have another cigarette.

  • Pole

    Definitely quit smoking. I am so glad not to be a smoker when I look at some of my smoking friends.


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Good on ya, DTM! Best wishes for your success!


  • DanTheMan

    Thanks for the encouragement everybody.

    Ballistic, I think I started a "I'm quitting" thread here before too, and you posted some advice on it...haha...I don't think I made it as long as you did though, usually I manage to stay off of them for 3 or 4 months before I get the stupid idea in my head that maybe I could have just one cigarette...lol...I have been through probably at least 7 or 8 cycles of smoking for a few months, then quitting for a few months, over the past 5 years. My problem doesn't seem to be quitting, it's staying off them for good.

  • outnfree

    It's definitely a tough habit to break, but it sounds like you've committed to STAYING away from the ciggies from now on. Good for you!


  • luna2

    Go Dan! You can do it!

    I'm cheerleading cuz I don't have any personal experience with smoking. I do know that some of the guys I work with have quite a tough time with it. Doesn't help that they all seem to decide to quit at different times. I'm going to suggest that they get their quit-cycles coordinated. Might make it a bit easier on them.

  • shera

    You can do it! Good for you,you will feel so much better off those things!

    I quit 10 yrs ago

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