Question people have asked Park Rangers...

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  • upside/down

    Grand Canyon National Park:

    * Was this man-made?
    * Do you light it up at night?
    * I bought tickets for the elevator to the bottom -- where is it?
    * Is the mule train air conditioned?
    * So where are the faces of the presidents?

    Everglades National Park:

    * Are the alligators real?
    * Are the baby alligators for sale?
    * Where are all the rides?
    * What time does the two o'clock bus leave?

    Denali National Park (Alaska):

    * What time do you feed the bears?
    * Can you show me where the yeti lives?
    * How often do you mow the tundra?
    * How much does Mount McKinley weigh?

    Mesa Verde National Park:

    * Did people build this, or did Indians?
    * Why did they build the ruins so close to the interstate?
    * Do you know of any undiscovered ruins?
    * Why did the Indians decide to live in Colorado?

    Carlsbad Caverns National Park:

    * How much of the cave is underground?
    * So what's in the unexplored part of the cave?
    * Does it ever rain in here?
    * How many ping-pong balls would it take to fill this up?
    * So what is this -- just a hole in the ground?

    Yosemite National Park:

    * Where are the cages for the animals?
    * What time do you turn on Yosemite Falls?

    Yellowstone National Park:

    * Does Old Faithful erupt at night?
    * How do you turn it on?
    * When does the guy who turns it on get to sleep?
    * We had no trouble finding the park entrances, but where are the exits?


    "From the moment I picked up your book until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Some day I intend reading it."
    - Groucho Marx

    u/d (of the "some people" class)

    p.s.- I could take this theme and change it to ?'s people have actually aske the Elder? What do ya think?

  • upside/down
    Could this be our "sisters" engaged in theocratic warfare?

    I've used up my allotment of I'll stick this here...and hope some find it...


    u/d (of the I love that guys laugh class)

    Shamelessly trying to avoid my post limit...


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    ROFL, u/d! Those Park Ranger questions are hysterical!


  • luna2

    Those Park Ranger questions....unbelievable. LOL If they were all from kids it might not be quite as frightening.

    The "theocratic warfare" mp3 is hilarious. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. If that's a fake, its an excellent one!

  • DannyBloem

    funny u/d thanks

  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    u/d i pissed on my keyboard i was laughing so hard... that's priceless!


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