Life as a Jehovah's Witness?

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  • Honesty
    Life as a Jehovah's Witness?

    You have no life. Nothing really spiritual, either.

    Many JWs are a public and a private persona; because they really are trying to please men who don't and can't see everything, not God whom they are taught sees everything (evidently they don't really believe that).

    So true.

    Most JW's live double lives because they really do not believe Jesus. They claim that they do but their actions prove otherwise because the WTBTS has deluded them into believing lies about Him. Thye don't have a relationship with God because they are indoctrinated into a relationship with the organisation.

    I have never heard a single one of them initiate a spiritual conversation before or after a meeting or at one of their parties (they call it 'a gathering' or 'a get together'). Most of their conversations revolve around physical things or are about other JW's (mostly critical).

    It is a sad situation because many of them know it is a lie but are trapped by the evil Governing Body of JW's into staying in because if they give up the cult they are robbed of interacting with their family and friends.

  • blondie

    CO = circuit overseer (DO = district overseer)

    PO = presiding overseer (head elder)

  • Honesty
    What is a CO and a PO???


    CO = Circuit Overseer Congregations are grouped into circuits of 10-30 congregations DO = District Overseer Circuits are grouped into Districts composed of 10-30 circuits. Those figures are probably very outdated because the WTBTS institutes changes in the numbers so that the Circuit Assemblies and District Assemblies appear to show a lot of growth in the number of people who are JW's. They play musical chairs to fool the average JW into believing that the cult is growing by leaps and bounds when in reality it is hemorrhaging towards a slow death.

  • Evanescence


    is this true,

    crikey! what a hard way to live! I congragulate you all for surviving this!

    I just found that site! wow can you guys confirm weather its true or not? or is there anything else you could add to this rather looonnngggg list!


  • katiekitten

    Yes all of that is true.

    Some from the 'cant' list brought back memories:

    couldnt throw rice or confetti at my wedding, even though I really wanted to (childish I know, but I love that stuff)

    I couldnt go to ballet classes because they were run in a church hall - NOT that they were run by the church, just that they had them there.

    I ALWAYS wanted to get just one valentines card, or send one but no...

  • heathen

    It depends on your definition of normal . Most I've known are dysfunctional monkeeys . They can't even spend the holidays relaxing but instead it's a big magazine push . If you think normal is reporting to a corporation how much time you spent selling their publications and not getting paid for it or else listen to guilt trips on how you are spiritually weak and are going to die at armageddon then you might just be a J_DUB . These people won't even cut their kids any slack on what they wear to meetings . Do you think it normal to be invited to a church dinner once a year only to sit there passing the food and drink around like idiots claiming your not worthy to eat or drink? You certainly are not talking normal when parents shun their own kids that live with them even or vice versa. When I think JW I think retarded .......

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