Life as a Jehovah's Witness?

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  • Evanescence

    Just wondering, what is life like as a Jehovah's Witness?

    what do they do? how do they behave? and what are their main topics in conversations they have?

    Are Jehovah's Witnesses like normal everyday people or are they different?


  • Evanescence

    Also what is their Dress code for women?

    Is there any way the women has to have their hair?


  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    They are required to dress conservatively. Dress code for meetings and other official JW gatherings is business attire pretty much for both sexes. Suit and tie for the fellas, no trousers for the ladies, they have to wear a skirt with a sensible top or a dress. No beards for the men. No beards for the ladies. There is no hairstyle rule for the women really except that it not be fashionably outlandish. No mohawks or dreds for these folks. Guys are supposed to keep their hair above their collar and be neatly groomed. No tattoos. No peircings with the exception of womens' ears. Basically they are just supposed to look ordinary in every way.

    As for the way they act, probably don't want to get me started.

  • Evanescence

    Do women wear make-up?


  • DannyBloem

    Woman can wear make-up, they do.
    There is no hair style or what so ever. Maybe a too much 'boyish' look can be frowned upon. Woman can color there hair etc. No problems there.

    How to recognize them when not in KH of fieldservice?

    Not always that easy. Some never stop with bugging you when trying to talk on the bible.
    More on the things that they will not do. If you are not sure someone is a JW. Say: It's my birthday. If he says : happy birthday he is not a JW.

  • Golf

    What life? If you want to be a controlled robot join the JW's.

    As to everyday people, ask them how their life is? Why is the divorce rate up to 57%?


  • under74

    It kind of depends. I was raised by a strict JW. We weren't supposed to where make-up until 16...but even then there were WTS guidelines. You might find some info in the "best of" section here. There's a book called "Young People Ask..." that let's teenagers know what's expected of them. You should really read some of the JW literature if you want an idea of what life is like.

  • blondie

    I don't think you can categorize all 6 million JWs that easily. For every individual or family that has a rule about makeup, then the CO's wife comes with 30 Estee Lauder products on her face and nails. Some congregations "frown" on dark nail polish but then you go into another and the PO's wife has on navy nail polish. Many JWs dress very differently at home, at work, at school than they do at the KH or assemblies/conventions. Women tend not to show cleavage, have hems below the knee. Many JWs are a public and a private persona; because they really are trying to please men who don't and can't see everything, not God whom they are taught sees everything (evidently they don't really believe that).

    There are 2 kinds of divorce in the WTS world. Scriptural and unscriptural or non sanctioned by the congregation. More divorces, more infidelity, too early JW marriages blowing up 20 years later when the end hasn't come yet to fix the marriage. Whether they admit it or not, the organization reflects the time frame it is in; more divorces in general, people going into marriage without the idea of it lasting "forever."

    JWs can be broken down into various strata

    True believers--do everything the Borg says without question--dress like the pictures in the magazines (20%)

    Want to be perceived as true believers--appear to do everything the Borg says but only in public---behind closed doors things are very different (60%)

    Close to the edge JWs--dress and do things publicly that are frowned on but only result in "loss of privileges" (20?)

    Blondie (JWs are fairly easy to pick out at the door, Mormons--2 young men, white shirts, black pants, bicycles, name tags Elder "", though some women do go out now; your local church, usually just one a man dressed in a casual shirt and pants inviting you to Sunday's service; JWs--watch out for those book bags, bring bored children)

  • blondie

    As to converrsation, it is a myth that all the JWs at the local congregation are standing around talking about scriptural points.

    Instead this can be heard

    Who won the "sports event" last night or who will win it

    Movies, TV shows seen, books read

    Baby progress; pregnancies, child's school progress

    Travel--where going or when just went

    Recent purchases--cars, computers, houses

    Gossip--who is not being "spiritual"

    Health and cures being sold, or no suggested

    After 50 years, I can count on one hand any JW that initiated a discussion about the Bible before or after a meeting.

  • Evanescence

    What is a CO and a PO???


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