I'm depressed

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  • kwintestal

    Dimples, I don't know if this will make you feel BETTER, but it won't make you feel so bad ...

    On Jan. 25 of this year, I was in a car accident. I was fine at first, but went home and noticed my shoulder was quite bruised. The next day, the pain got worse and worse. I saw a docter and then a physiotherapist. It was expected that it would get better ... however it still hasn't. 4 months ago, I was referred to a specialist, I got an appointment for an initial consultation Jan 19, 2006! Almost a year after the accident! I've been in the type of pain you're describing for 6 months now (off and on of course) and have another 6 months (at least) to go. It'll be 2 months after the initial consult until I get the MRI, then they have to book the surgery ... I'll be off work another year


  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I too had a torn Rotator cuff..if you try to move it you get a sharp pain that takes your breath away.

    I had a huge needle with a dye in it shoved into the joint so they could get a more accurate picture than a MRI even. They gave me novacain in the joint first and it was the first time I had no pain..I loved that doctor!

    They wanted to operate but I kept putting it off. Eventually the pain did subside. I did arm excercises that brought tears to my eyes. Did a lot of yard work like raking etc. anything to excercise the surrounding muscles. The pain eventually lessened and went away. It took a whole year to fully go away.

    I did the same thing to my knee.(Torn ligament from a fall) But I let them operate. Imediate relief!..But now it is starting to hurt again. So I don't know which is worse.

    I can't believe you have to wait until Jan to see a Dr. Is it because you get free medical?

    We have so many Drs here we can take our pick.

  • Legolas

    OH MY Gawd Dimples.......... Your left shoulder my right shoulder blade.............I've been to the Dr and a chiropractor ( both quacks by the way) with no results, only drugs pushed on me, which did not help!!!! Let me know how your MRI goes please!!!!

  • shera

    Big *******hugs******** Dimples!

    Hope all goes well with you soon.

  • Evanescence

    Hello Dimples!!!

    Take it easy on your shoulder, hope things will go ok for you!

    In the way of cheeing up I hope you like this,


    Something gross will appear, quickly close it and just ignore it unless of cause you like it!


  • delilah

    Hi Dimples, I sure hope you get some relief SOON!!!! Hang in there.....


  • Dimples

    Kwin, OMG! I can't imagine being in pain as long as you have. It has been a month for me and it is driving me bonkers! You feel better soon!

    Evanescence, How did you know I love cats? That was hysterical, I laughed so much...didn't help the shoulder much but it sure made me feel happy. Thanks!

    Thanks for alll my well wishes and flowers guys.


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    ((((Dimples)))) I just saw your thread and I'm so sorry for you, cher. I've been in a lot of pain myself, but at least my rotator cuff is not torn. The only thing that's cheered me up is getting on here with the ppl that know how to cheer ya up and being with my daughter and g/daughters. It just tickles the shat outa me to watch her deal with her kids. Plus her schnauzer, Austin, is such a sweetheart and almost pees himself, he gets so excited when I come here.

    I sure hope things perk up for ya, cherie!



  • joelbear

    Hi Dimples,

    A few years ago my legs and feet started burning. They burned all day and all night. I could hardly get any sleep. I tried pain relievers, heating pads, tiger balm, nothing relieved the burning. I literally thought my enjoyment of life was over. Then I changed the chair I sat in to work in and the burning almost completely disappeared. I still have it sometimes when I sit in one position for too long. It was a disc bulge.

    I hope that somehow you get relief. I offer my example as hope to you that somehow something will be found to help.



  • Es

    oh dimples your poor darling,hope the results show something. Thinkin of you.Hope the pain eases a little for you es

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