I'm depressed

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  • Dimples

    Hi All,

    Many of you don't know me too well. I post now and then. I am depressed because I have been in pain for over a month. My left shoulder is just killing me. I had an MRI today and hope to get the results soon as to what is causing my pain. I am on 2 medications but still get hardly any relief. It is just enough to take the edge off. I haven't been sleeping nights because I wake up with pain. Can you believe it all started while I was driving and sneezed. I felt as if something ripped. I was going to physical therapy on my lower back and was almost done with that when this happened.( Arthritis and bulging disc ) UGGG!!! Hopefully I will get the results of my MRI soon so I can get some relief. Please cheer me up.


  • prophecor
  • lonelysheep

    I'm sorry, Dimples!! That's crazy, I wonder what's going on.
    Lack of sleep and constant pain alone, let alone combined is definately cause for depression. Can the doctor give you anything stronger?

  • hubert

    Well, I don't have any advice for you, Dimples, but here's a flower for ya, and a big hug.

    I promise not to squeeze your shoulder. (((((((((((Dimples)))))))))


  • kls

    Sounds like you have a torn Rotater Cuff . The MRI will show if in fact it is torn and i know the pain because i had mine operated on two years ago . It doesn't take a whole lot to tear one ,a sudden jerk would do it . Try some heat at night and yes keep up the pain meds you poor girl .

    Just thinking about the pain makes me ill ,the memories don't fade when it hurts so much. Oops , you said cheer you up ,,,,,ummmm, i hope it's not what i think it could be Hows that.

  • EvilForce

    Depression from chronic pain is quite normal. Please tell your doctor you are experiencing this. Also, please make sure to voice your dissatisfaction with your current pain relief dosages, perhaps your doc can modify them to give you relief.

    My concern is always when someone isn't getting any sleep because of their condition. If you're not sleeping you're not giving your body much of a chance to heal itself.

    But be vocal and provide feedback on what you are going through. You are your own best advocate for your health care.

  • GetBusyLiving

    Well.. I like your avatar! Seriously I really hope you feel better soon. I've had some strained shoulder problems and a torn forearm muscle and I know, its no fun. Take care.


  • not the administrator
    not the administrator

    my backs broke in 3 places. i smoke a big non prescribed joint to help me out. alot less addictive than the doctors medicines and you can adjust you dose by your smoke intake. smoke it till you feel good.

    if this is wrong to say i was just joking then

  • EvilForce

    GBL...torn forearm muscle? Too much internet porn perhaps? LOL

  • Dimples

    Thanks Everybody!

    I am feeling better already ( just my mood ) Shoulder still kicking my butt!

    Prop- Funny stuff, sure made me laugh. I needed that.

    kls- This really sounds like what I have..YIKES! Scary stuff.

    evil- Internet Porn...Who me? LOL

    Everyone..I really appreciate the well wishes will keep you posted.



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