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  • Finally-Free

    This bears repeating:

    We blame the Watch Tower Publishing business and not the shunners. We give the shunners access to our homes, our spouses, our children, our cars, trucks, tools, bank accounts. We tell them we love them even as they shun us. We make it easy for them to shun and snub us.

    All too often we excuse these shunners because they're 'misled' by the Watchtower. But really, they are misled because they choose to give the Watchtower authority in their lives. They choose to obey the Watchtower even when their common sense tells them it's wrong. In my book, blaming their actions on Watchtower policies doesn't cut it. They have a brain, same as anyone else. They are the ones who should suffer the consequenses of their actions. Rather than fawning all over them when they give us our yearly phone call, perhaps we'd do better to give them a resounding FU*K YOU!!! when they call.


  • kls

    If family is to believe the wt and shun family ,they are not family.

    Sorry Jen and welcome.

  • dedpoet

    thanks Gary, great post. I was shunned today by a couple who would have spoken to me a week ago, (my da was only announced a few days ago). They were two of the few people who I maintained contact with after I stopped going to meetings. I can't say I was surprised by this, or even disappointed, on the contrary, I know what to expect, but it really illustrates how conditional friendship with jws is, and I will be very careful never to rely on those people for anything again.

  • Agnes

    Jen, I don't know anything about your situation, but I wish you well and hope you have some type of support system. I totally agree with Gary, don't reward them if they do decide to start the shunning. When I first learned about this evil practice of shunning loved one, it disturbed me so much that I couldn't sleep. Agnes

  • Es

    welcome to the board Jen, i reckon the elders have been in your mums ear a bit, if you have been D\F for 7 years and only now she is saying she cant associate with you it sounds rather sus. We are here when you need us, look forward to hearing more from you es

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