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    Please let me know if you would wish a seat be reserved on a chartered bus. I will charter a bus from any city or group of cities. Also, I will be booking blocks of hotel rooms to get a cheaper rate. Let me know if you want a hotel room. Some information is as follows:

    Two leading Oncologists both agree that my daughter Bethany might be alive today if she had not been fed Arsenic. As you may recall, the WTS arranged to take my sick daughter into hiding for two months and payed a doctor to prescribe Arsenic. The doctor and the WTS lawyers convinced Bethany that the Arsenic treatment could cure her. Bethany was convinced that she was being cured and was planning on going on a trip and attending school in a months time. The WTS lawyers were recorded in the media on many times , saying that Bethany was being cured by the Arsenic treatment.

    The doctor wrote in the medical records that the treatment was Palliative care only ( not curative). The doctor and the WTS lawyers lied to Bethany. No wonder they hide her away for two months and refused to let me or the Child Welfare Department know where they were hiding her. I didn't know where my sick daughter was.

    The medical records show that the doctor could have saved my daughters life at any time , right up to the last day, if he had given her blood. Will you help me make a difference and put an end to this killing of men , women and children. If enough of you help, we can put a spotlight on the WTS and the intire world will see it for what it really is. If there is enough media coverage, change will happen. I have two daughters in this religion and I do not what them to die because of this religion.

    Last month I had a protest rally and there was only three protestors. We got National media coverage and it was the top news story in Toronto. Imagine how much media coverage we would get if a thousand protestors showed up ?

    I am organizing a MAJOR Protest Rally at the Watchtower Society HQ in Brooklyn , NY, Thursday, October 13 from 12:00 noon until 3:00pm with dinner and fellowship afterwards. I am planning chartered buses from major centres in Canada and USA. I hope that this will be an historic event and make the International News. You can make a difference. You can help save lives. Contact me if you plan on attending and if you need a seat on a bus or a seat at the dinner.

    I already have a bus chartered from the Blue Mountain Christian Retreat and I am now negotiating for a bus from Toronto to Brooklyn.

    The life you save maybe that of a family member , friend or neighbour. Please pass this message on to anyone who you think may be interested, Have them contact me at the following: Lawrence Hughes P.O. Box 20161 Calgary Place, RPO Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 4J2 [email protected] nyc_protest_rally I hope to see you at the Protest. Thanks. Lawrence

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    I hope that as many people as possible get to your protest rally. If I was on your side of the pond I'd be standing there with you. Good Luck! I hope you get as much media coverage as possible.



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    Wow my eyes swell with tears for your hurt. I was in your position once but as good fate had it my daughter got well and so the brothers did not have to hide her. I was ready to do what ever it took to be faithful to the Anti GOD the Society. Now I know the truth about blood and I am so glad for my daughter being alive and so scik that I almost let her die for a lie.

  • skyman

    I know a family that was once in my congregation that lost a Son they hide him out and gave him alternative treatment as you can guess he died but it made his dads career in the Borg he is a CO I am told. I guess let your child die over blood is a good way to move up in the Borg.

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    not the administrator

    you know it almost seems like parents that would let that happen are doing it for recognition or kind of like a popularity contest "hey look how fking faithful i am." worse case scenario if you do get blood you get df"d right? well you can also get df' d for smoking or if you have a spur of the moment one nighter or something like that. its not real hard to get reinstated if you really want to be. if you fornicated with someone told the elders and didnt do it again then what 6 months at the most to get back in? a couple letters to the elders saying you are sorry and hitting all the meetings?

    do you not think that maybe the elders and the congregation would be a little sympathetic because you were going to die and you were scared for your life? what would be the difference if a sister was raped, if the guy had a gun and said "commit fornication or die" that sister would not be responsible would she?lets say that the sister did scream and let the attacker know that she didn't want it to happen and she tried to talk them out of it and she did everything she could do but it happened. is that not the same as a person being attacked by a disease and the disease says" take blood or die" and the person doesn't want blood they scream no try something else first she tries everything she can to not get blood but the disease leaves no option. its not her fault so why should she be held responsible?

    i think that the blood issue is some shit, an example of the jws trying to hard to be perfect. their was no blood issues like that in the bible times. if they want to act like that with blood then shouldn't they be sacrificing some sheep like it was done in the bible? if god wants respect for blood and considers it sacred then maybe the reason he wants it like that is because it might be needed someday to save a life of a child thats why he wants it to be sacred because it would of been a really special thing for that child.

    sorry about your loss man I'm glad your turning this in to something

  • stevenyc

    OK, What happened.

    I've just come back from JDub HQ and no protest!

    I had camera in hand and was going to send the tape to the local news channel!

    Was it moved, cancelled....?


  • Jourles

    Jehover must have intervened on behalf of his Wifely Bride.

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