Does anyone remember these posters? (probably from H2O days)

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  • Jourles

    Sorry. That's one thing I want to keep secret.

    When I would go back and read some of the crap that I wrote, I felt the need to have a bucket nearby.

  • VM44

    Jourles, OK, understood, personally I probably would not hold anything you wrote against you, was just curious.

    The old H2O is receeding into history, too bad, because there was a lot of useful information contained in some of the threads there.

    I have the remaining archive zip files that used to be at osarif's site. If anyone wants them, I can email them. Make sure you have lots, and I mean LOTS, of extra space in your email account first.


  • SixofNine

    Focus was the "wack"-er.

    I'd still love to know what his story is. His is the only online personality I've come across that I would consider truly mysterious.

  • COMF

    Who the heck was COMF?

  • bikerchic

    H²O I heard about that site seems it was spawn of many others.

    It served a great purpose and so did those contributors to it. I just hope those MIA have moved on and are living and doing great and wonderful things with their lives free from the B'org.

  • Focus

    Since this is a BB for people who (once?) believe in idiocy such as resurrection, it is fitting this be resurrected. I am currently immersed in Russell, and without light relief I might contract Acute Russellitis, an irreversible form of "brain fever" about which that great man wrote. Indeed, there is little about which that great man did not write.


    Whatever happened to FREDHALL?

    M Seeker4:

    I soooo remember Fred Hall. Not nearly as bad as some think...

    Indeed, many of him were not. He pre-existed on Usenet. Another him or hims is still there. He, like myself, were legion. However, there certainly was at leasrt one unFocused, WTS-oriented Fred Hall too, You Know.


    who in the old H2O days always said "WACK"? and what did he mean by that

    He meant to punish those who standards had fallen below the congregational norm. Kinda obvious, right? Some Prominent Bethelite Brothers have to take on the onerous duties of maintaining cleanliness in the Hall and - the job has to be done...

    perhaps it was WHACK instead of I have to try to remember who it was.

    I was clearly far too sparing with the WHACKs...


    Focus was the "wack"-er.
    I'd still love to know what his story is. His is the only online personality I've come across that I would consider truly mysterious.

    Indeed, that crittransgressor was the "WHACK!!"er. But as to the rest... uh-uh, SixofNIne... as Acts 7:33 posted millennia ago:

    Then the Lord said to him, 'Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.


    Osarsif is in possession of so many of the archived clues but I trust he will be either too faithful, discreet or uninterested a slave as to unwisely seek to disentangle that which gOD clearly did not intend to be rent apart.

    Let this be Tabernacle Notice for the googlebot that the following really were odious villains:

    One Brow (think you turning atheist is a let-off? Oh no, Eric, you _ogue of no distinction, it is not. Down to the tenth generation it shall be...)

    janey *etafile2

    Mean Mister Mustard

    You Know

    yadirf (#2)

    The day of retribution draweth nigh... the hand of Jabbers will be raised against Pharaoh.

    richmac has been reprieved. Mercy should always temper justice.



    ("Who will clean my toilets in Paradise Earth: Antonio L. Santana" Class)

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