Guy here beating the crap out of his keyboard

by Nosferatu 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    we had a guy like that in the lab where I used to work. He was always in a bad mood, had a grudge against the whole world. The problem was compounded by the fact that he used to take pro-plus washed down with Red Bull so he was just hyper all the time.

    When he started slamming the glassware around we all ran for cover!! It makes the working day more interesting though don't you think?

    Hib - cool new avatar!

  • luna2

    I feel like doing that to my stupid adding machine today. Piece o' shit won't stop printing a tape when I switch it off...and there it goes again now... printing stuff when I'm not even touching it. Sometimes if I slap it around it stops. I wonder if my father spilled water on it...he did destroy my desk calender earlier this week. Today really sucks, but I am refraining from knocking my computer around. LOL

    I need a drink...or a big piece of cheesecake.

  • Nosferatu

    Rumor has it that he busted his mouse. A couple other employees came around to help him with his troubles. Won't take long before it starts up again though...

  • daystar

    No, but I get calls from people like that. They do things like that and then wonder why their problems only seem to get worse.

  • Nosferatu

    Yep, he's back at it again. Add the erratic ripping and crumpling of papers into the mix.

    BTW, that video is pretty much right on!

  • thom

    My business partner throws a fit now and then and stomps off. He can't take much. Once he did that and slammed his office door and the clock above it fell off the wall and smashed on the floor in front of everyone.
    Later he's back in the shop and asks why nobody's cleaned it up and they told him "Well, you broke it!". That just pissed him off more.
    I really try to keep him away from the employees. They can't stand him.

  • Xandria

    Yea..the question is do you dare suggest a rousing rendition of "I feel pretty" ?

    Viva la Anger Management.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Ben Hmm don't sound like no restaurant to me although my first thought was you had a friend over and he was playing MUSIC on his keyboards

    Guess you got a new job eh?

    Is it time for a smoke break yet? Keep breathing. You'll be fine. You aren't his keyboard and you aren't in the room - well if you are still smoking you might want one right about now. Come to think of it if you quit you might still want one right about now. Try a walk around the block or a S L O W W A L K to the washroom

  • Evanescence

    A lot of mouse bashing, but the keyboard is spared lol!

    Don't you hate those ball point mouses?


  • avishai
    There's only one (BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM) bad thing about this. I have PTSD from all the physical abuse over the years, so it's having a bit of an effect on me. (BLAM BLAM)

    I'd fire the SOB for exactly that reason. There's no reason for baby's like that in the workplace.

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