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  • hurt dave
    hurt dave

    for someone who was raised in the "truth" for 17 years it was a very hard and a very scary decision when my father finnally had the "you must choose a side of the fence" speech and when i chose not to do it anymore he flipped his lid and i so "tormented" by my decsion i latched on to "maryjane" to fill the "need". After living with my parents for two years and then on my own for two more years crying everynoght cause i was alone not knowing way i felt this way this way, i felt a spirtual need at 3:30am i drove to my dads house and beged him to let me came home because the "voices" were drivin me crazy and i needed "guidance" he said well get you a meeting with elders and a "bible study". so i move back in, had a talk with the elders where they used the bible to call me stupid and i went to there meeting where they used what i said in private and made a whole new talk based around it i broke down crying and prayed to god for the guidacne to make me strong and make the tears stop and the holy spirt led me to this site i moved in with my brother and told my parents i can know longer belive the "truth". May god bless all of you for giving me the strength to belive in myself for once.

  • Satanus

    Wow, that's a bumpy ride that you had. This site will help you a lot, help you to put yourself together. S

  • outnfree

    Welcome to the board, hurt dave!

    I hope you are not hurting very much longer.



  • FMZ

    Glad to hear things are improving mate. All the best.


  • TooOpinionated

    Welcome, hurt dave!

    You've had a rough time of it, but it will gradually get better now. I'm not saying there won't be low times, but now the world is your oyster. How great that you have a brother to share this with, and now you have all of us, too.

  • prophecor

    It'll be OK Dave, just hang around in here. Lot's of people to help you get thru.


  • Aude_Sapere

    Hi Dave -

    What a sad manipulation you have survived.

    Welcome to JWD. You will find that you are not alone and so many here will completely understand your feelings - sometimes more than you do...!!

    Share as much as you are comfortable with.

    I agree: Bless this site!! It has been just perfect for me, too.


  • prophecor

    Welcome Dave. Glad that you feel the way you do regarding God's Blessings on this site, because he has. You'll find so many people to help you in your trials. You may be a totally different person in less time than you think.

    Give yourself a break, theres always a wealth of reading you can do, just familiarize yourself with the place. This site can help in ways that words fail to give credit to, right now, but relax and just try to make yourself at home.


  • Es

    Welcome hurt dave, im so sorry for what has happend to you. Enjoy the board we are here to help es

  • dedpoet

    Hi Hurt Dave, and welcome, your's is an all too familiar story. Well, noone here will treat you badly - enjoy your stay here, this board really helps

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