Pottery Class For Me At Last

by joelbear 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • joelbear

    I have had a lifelong dream to learn how to create ceramics.

    I have my first lesson this Saturday. I am very excited. Are

    there any other hairy potters on the board?

  • Elsewhere

    Hairy potters have demons

  • joelbear

    see. nobody cares about happy bland stuff.

  • kls

    That's neat Joel . i have seen some being made and was really impressed how they could mold their intended product,sounds like it will be fun and keep your mind on other things.

  • joelbear

    thats the idea for sure.

    I need a tremendous amount of mental stimulus to be happy.

    actual I need emotional and physical stimulus too. it makes

    me challenging to be around sometimes.

  • kls
    it makes

    me challenging to be around sometimes.

    You can say that again

  • MonkeyPrincess

    LOL- kls

    Joel, I took a pottery class once a couple years back, it was awesome. It was relaxing and challenging at the same time.
    Good luck, i hope you enjoy your class. Dont make too many bowls, you wont know what to do with them all.
    (not that i know anything about making too many pottery bowls)


  • anewme

    Congratulations! You are out there doing what we all should be doing------having fun! We should be thinking of all the things we couldnt do before because we didnt have the time due to meetings and weekend FS etc.! I have always admired pottery makers. A neighbor of mine years ago had her own kiln in her backyard. She made all her own vases, plates and bowls and cups. It was fun to visit her and pick your own funny cup to have tea out of. She also had a garden and painted and milked a cow too twice daily! All this and had 9 kids! She was an amazingly productive person! Congratulations to you and please post a picture of your pottery projects when complete!!

  • GoingGoingGone

    I have always wanted to make pottery! I love watching that pottery wheel go around, watching the clay be molded... it's almost hypnotic..! Haven't ever done it, but I have painted unfinished pottery and had it fired afterwords. There is a place here in town that you can do that at... It's a blast!

    Have fun!!


  • luna2

    Sounds like a wonderful creative thing to do! I'll be interested to see your first project.

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