WTS exploiting the system!

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  • gringojj

    My wife suffers from severe anxiety disorders, panic attacks an such. As I have been reading posts here I definetly see a correlation between dubdom and anxiety disorders. Because of the life that the WTS encourages jws to lead, it leaves other peoples tax money and high insurance costs etc. to pay for them. The other day my wife was at the social security office and saw 2 jws there. Now I am not sure what they were doing there, but I am guessing it was for some sort of benefit. "Be no part of this world", except if it benefits you or the wts cause. Now I am not complaining. My point is that the WTS can use mind control to tall someone how to live thier life, but they do not have to answer to anyone when that persons life is all messed up because of them, and the taxpayers end up paying for them. So in some wierd way we are involuntarily forced to support the WTS because we pay are bills and taxes. Its wierd but in a way our freedom has given them the right to emerge, flourish, and then be dependent on freedom.

  • rebel8

    Good point. They think it's J providing for them when it's something good, yet when it's bad the govt is all run by Satan. I wonder if it was Satan that signed their benefit check?

  • daystar
    The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.
    Thomas Jefferson
  • Honesty

    I never was comfortable with the fact that so many JW's are on government assistance due to the mandates from their god, the Governing Body of JW's. There are many of them in my area who worked at the X-10, Y-12, and ORNL sites in Oak Ridge, TN that were forced to quit by the WTBTS or be expelled from the congregation or allowed to be baptised and face death by God's own hand for not being in the JW ark at the Big A. Many had great jobs with fantastic benefits and were reduced to menial low paying jobs like w ashing windows and cleaning offices at night. They had to go on government assistance to make ends meet yet were still expected to support the world-wide work.

  • LongHairGal


    Just reading your post makes me angry because it is all so true about people quitting good jobs with benefits, etc. Not one single penny should anybody contribute! Not one red cent! Since they are so anti-work and anti-education let them eat cake (you know what I mean).

    As far as dubs getting benefit checks, well if they paid into a system they are deserving as long as they aren't taking advantage, e.g. pretending to have a disability of some sort.

  • Daunt

    It's really a vicious cycle. All the time from the podium I hear how our financial troubles won't get any better in this terrible system of things. How in this world there will always be heartache from evil wicked people (Frankly I just don't see em). This sets up a persecution complex for the dubs. They expect anything and everything to go wrong with worldly people, many times in their financial situations. This attitude contributes to their inability to find a better job and whatnot.

  • dedpoet

    you are so right Honesty, i gave up a good job to clean windows etc when i was pioneering, and always struggled to make ends meet. i did take the odd handout as well. now i'm out i have a great job in line with my qualifications and when i look back on my pio years i feel angry with myself that i could have ever been so stupid

  • garybuss

    Some businesses are giving businesses, some businesses are taking businesses. The Watch Tower Corporation business is a taking business. Witness people are not religious people, they are employees of a publishing corporation that is a taking business. They have people assigned to teach workers how to take.

  • jgnat

    I don't think an organization like the WTS could survive before democracy and industrialization. The organization can push for their rights to peddle their ways. They can do this because we have laws guaranteeing that kind of freedom.

    Individual depressed JW's can avoid facing the real issues, because we have medications readily available that allow them to continue to function. There are guaranteed pension and salary protection programs so they can ignore the natural drive to provide for themselves. Children can ignore parents because of these state-instituted protections.

  • gringojj

    It just angers me that the wts can create these people with problems but they do not have to answer for it. The american people are forced to take care of the wts wreckage. Its just not right.

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