Job celebrated Birthdays!!!

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  • Schizm
    From the text that we have at Job it seems inconclusive as to whether they were celebrating their birthdays or not. Narkissos posts in the link I attached gave me quite a bit to think about. I must admit I don't like the stance the dubs take on birthdays but I couldn't comfortably argue the Job line of reasoning as proof that the dubs are wrong. It just doesn't prove it either way.

    I must agree with Listener on this. I know the Job account has been promoted as support for birthdays by others over the years but the evidence is inconclusive.--ozziepost.

    How can you say that it's "inconclusive"? It appears that you haven't kept up with all that's been said. In view of the following, how can you not see that Job's children were indeed celebrating their birthdays?

    I think this is important enough to call attention to it again:
    Job, chapter 3 says:

    1 It was after this that Job opened his mouth and began to call down evil upon his day. 2 Job now answered and said:

    3 “Let the day perish on which I came to be born

    Note that in the above text Job's day of birth is referred to as "his day".

    Is it not plain that the expression "his day" has reference to Job's birthday, "his day" of birth?

    While keeping in mind that the expression "his day" in Job 3:1 actually meant Job's birthday, lets read Job 1:4 again.

    And his sons went and held a banquet at the house of each one on his own day.

    If the above doesn't prove that Job's children were celebrating their birthdays then neither is there any proof that the earth isn't flat.


  • Schizm

    In the other thread, Narkissos shows that he objects to what I said up above. Here is his thought:

    The context of Job 3:1 makes clear that the day of Job's birth is meant. This proves absolutely nothing as to the use in 1:4, in a different context and a distinct expression.--Narkissos.

    I strongly disagree! If "his day" was just another way of speaking of the person's birthday there in Job 3:1 then, logically, the same expression ("his day") should be understood to mean the same thing a mere two chapters prior to that, in Job 1:4. And to add weight to that being the case is the fact that banquets were a prominent part of what took place on these events which Job's sons hosted. Banquets (food and drink) are always part of a birthday celebration. So, it appears that people of that period must have commonly referred to their day of birth as "his day".


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