eating disorders in JWs

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    We were not born WITH one

    I am not sure I agree with that completely. I think everyone KNOWS and understands inately that there is this rule that we all should follow, and we certainly expect from others. That is we should do to/for those as we would want others to do/for us.

    Of course our sense of right and wrong can become jaded. I do agree that we need to consult the word to keep our perspective centered on Jehovah's perspective.

    But I don't really want to talk about that anymore here. Unfortunately whenever a witness shows up here the conversation becomes about them. I do admire you for coming to such a hostile place. So if you do want to talk anymore about the things I mentioned I would prefer to do it by PM, since every reply you make to me will get 10 responses from others. That isn't a conversation. It is a feeding frenzy. That observation isn't any way a dig at the fine folks here at JWD. This is an apostate house. They come here to talk to ex-jw's, not to be preached to about a paradigm they have rejected.

    This thread is about eating disorders. Actually I think there is an awake or wt coming out soon about a bulemic named Lena. Does anyone here think that eating disorders are more common in the org? In jw who were raised in it? What about jw who joined as adults. What are your experiences as dubs?

    I tend to think that jw who joined as adults did so out of a need for a group with all the answers. Could a bulemic or anorexic be unsure of themselves, and therefore make them more likely to seek a group to "make them" do things the right way?

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    Be my guest and pm with what ever you want to talk about.

  • orion

    my mom has serious depression and faituge(um how do you spell it?)...and she is treated just like everyone fact the elders are encoraging to her......I think its just the K.H. They can be sooo different.

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    i was bulimic and a self mutilator for 2 years. elders advice to my jw mother? ''use the rod and make her more active in jehovah's service.''

    my ''wordly'' dad found out and took me to a counselor. i finally got better.

    luv, jojo

  • BrendaCloutier

    girl-interrupted, trust me, you have not "started" anything that hasn't been already going on. Afterall, this IS a Jehovahs-Witness Discussion Forum, however, sometimes threads get a bit off tract based on the attitudes and ideals of some people. I've done it myself.

    Addictive and Compulsive behaviours are a bitch! I know. I have genetic alcoholism. JWism didnt cause it. I was born with it and can trace it's lineage back 5 generations (of non-witlesses) along with my own birth lineage.

    I say genetic and birth lineage because i was adopted. My adoptive (JW) parents were very normal drinkers with very normal attitudes about alcohol. But at about 12 or 13 my alcoholism 'kicked in' with some mild drinks at a friends house where we were supervised by adults. I kept my alcoholism at bay because of the concept that drinking was for adults, otherwise there would not be laws governing alcohol use. So I waited until I was an "adult" ... that is, I was a wife at 18 of a man who was 21 and could buy it legally (a man who when I married him was ontract for becoming an MS). By my 21's birthday I was full-blown alcoholic drinking almost daily.

    I've now been clean and sober for over 15 years. And at times it's still a bitch! But I'll tell ya, even though I had been "out" of JWism for several years, the attitudes really surfaced when I wanted to get help for my drinking. It finally came to a showdown between "Jehovah" and the basement door of a baptist church where my first and very necessary AA meeting was being held.

    Ultimately, I won!

    Jehovah did not cast down lightening bolts. Basically.... NOTHING HAPPENED! Except they prayed, and I felt really embarrased because I did not know the Lords Prayer.... me a former bible thumper who could look up any chapter and verse with the speed of lightening!

    My body does not process alcohol NORMALLY just as a diabetics body does not process sugar NORMALLY.

    Yes, I do understand there are different mechanisms at work for eating disorders and other "compulsive" disorders. But there are many, many similarities, too.

    If JWdom now accepts Alcohlism, Depression, Compulsive disorders and other Mental Illness, it's because they have HAD TO!!! But that doesn't change the treatment and attitudes of the people, the congregations, the elders, or any other JW.

    Welcome to JWD, again. I hope you stick around and let us get to know you, and you get to know us. Most of us here are terrific people.

    You might check out some of the interresting stuff on the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and their 9+ year relationship with the Wild Beast(tm), erm, The United Nations! Facinating stuff, and many of the early the whistleblowers are involved right here on JWD.

    Then, there's the WTBTS investments into RJ Reynolds stock. Yet they disfellowship for smoking tobacco.

    Then, there's the documentation that they said Armageddon would happen near the fall of 1975. THEN they got new light about the old light being wrong.

    Those are my faves.

    Other, more scholarly members here have documented and fractured the WTBTS basis for 1914 by revealing the incorrect arrival of 607 BCE instead of 586-7.

    Now, how about where the WTBTS has set itself up as Jesus Mediator between Jehovah and Man... Hmmmm? Totally contrary to the bible.

    But then, the WTBTS aren't ABOUT the bible. They are about publishing "free" literature, and developing bible-studies, to get more donating "publishers" to support their habits.

    Truly enlightening information.

    Hugs, love, and stick around. It just gets BETTER!

  • AllAlongTheWatchtower

    If anything, my wife has gained a couple pounds since becoming involved with the JWs. Then again, that's typical of someone trying to quit smoking, which she is, in part because of JWs. Very interesting that the WTS should ban smoking, yet they own stock in RJ Reynolds? Do you have any proof of that, a link or anything? I'm trying to show my wife the hypocrisy of the WTS (unsuccessfully as of yet), and that would be a good one if I can get her to look at it.

  • jmusic

    Witnesses encourage mentally ill ones to pray about mental illnesses. Medical help is always encouraged if it is needed. Mental illness is viewed as a sickness and is treated as such. The organization has printed many articles on this such as "comfort for the depressed", a chapter in the Young People Ask Book, and various watchtower articles.

  • jmusic

    It's actually the Mormons who own stock in RJ Reynolds.

  • jgnat

    The JW's do too, jmusic. Large organizations often have many investments. It can be tough for them to track where all of them go. It is not surprising that the Mormons, the Watchtower Society, and no doubt the Catholics have investments in RJ Reynolds tobacco.

  • jgnat

    Poor girl_interrupted. This thread is so off track. Yes, I have seen lip-service given to seeking outside help in recent articles. After the trinity of meetings, study, and field service have been dutifully fulfilled.

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