Is this shunning?

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  • thom

    My father and his wife raised my brother's son from when he was about 8 years old or so. He was a rebellious kid and a bit (ok, alot) of a troublemaker.
    They made him go to meetings, which I can understand if that's what you believe, I did it to my own daughter. They made him go in service and give talks (I did not make my daughter do that unless she wanted to). They regulated to death every breath he took in that house.
    When he turned 18 he decided he didn't want any part of being a JW and my father told him that to live under his roof, he MUST be a JW. Well, he left and is now living with friends that get him into trouble, he does drugs, has been arrested for theft and vandalism.
    I really feel that being pressured so hard to be the perfect JW (my dad and his wife are BIG on image) is what pushed him so far in a direction that also is not good for him. They see him as being a problem and causing problems for himself, but they don't see how they've contributed to it.
    Telling your children to get out of your house if they won't be a JW is sick to me. I know they're not his parents, but if you're going to take on raising a child you become the parents, like it or not.

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