Is this shunning?

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  • Ellie

    Its a long story but basically I was having a bible study with my half sister, I hadn't had a lot to do with her during my childhood so studying was for me an excuse to get to know her, and she was lovely, she couldn't do enough to help me, until I stopped going to the meetings and told her I didn't want to study anymore, then she dropped me like a brick and now refuses to speak to me at all.

    Shortly after this happened our younger brother started to study with her son, my brother needed somewhere to stay so they offered for him to move in with them which he did.

    He became quite engrossed in his studies, they encouraged him to stop associating with his worldly friends which he did, he became an unbaptized publisher, but still they didnt really associate much with him, even my sisters 2 sons who live in the same house as him and are the same age group didn't bother much with him, so my brother found himself quite isolated, and ofcourse I'm bad association so he was always told not to visit me.

    Anyway, due to all this hes missed a few meetings recently, not many but just enough for them to tell him that hes got till September 7th to leave, giving the reason that hes not making enough of an effort to serve Jehovah.

    What do you all think?

    Is this typical behaviour of Jehovahs witnesses, or are my family really messed up???

  • defd

    If that is true(which im not saying it is not) but if it is, I think that is sad

  • Hecklerboy

    Yes this is typical behavior.

    My neice who just turn 18 decide to move out and get an apartment with a friend. At the same time her mom and my brother started studying and got real heavy into it. When my neice wanted to move back home because things weren't working out with her friend, one stipulation on her moving back in was going to the meetings. I thought this was horrible. Her mom and dad decide to get all religious and now if their daughter wants their help she has to follow the same religion. How crazy is that?

    Witnesses believe they are right and that everyone else must beleive the same or be cutoff. It's sick.

  • Ellie

    Can I just add - my Jehovahs Witness mum has just phoned me and asked me to let my brother move back in with me.

    This comes just a few months after she was telling my brother to stay away from me as I'm bad association, and asking me not to contact him, to leave him to serve Jehovah without interfering.

    Now she wants me to take him in.

  • tijkmo

    shoot the wounded...sheesh

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    ellie -

    This is all very typical of witness-think. All benefits, acolades, association, conversation, is built around the 'spiritual strength' of the person involved. They reward or punish every action based on human assessment of the spirituallity of the person.

    One time, dozens of years ago now, wifey and I were considering moving to 'serve where the need was greater'. We contacted several congregations in the area we were interested in going. More than one offerd the use of an apartment, either attached to or in the basement of the Kingdom Hall. The stipulation was that we both would have to be pioneers to use it, even though the area was hard to find work in, and I expected that I would have to drive long distances to work and back. It was about the label they could attach to us.

    It was, and it is, all about control tactics and reward/punishment for behaviour. Typical cult thinking.


  • freedom96

    This is simply another example of the attitude of many witnesses, who do not have the Christlike spirit in them. Would Jesus act that way? I think not.

    Very sad behavior, very child like. "If you don't do it my way, then we won't do it at all."

  • anewme

    Yes, its like a real sci-fi film where you discover that they are all pod people and not genuine parents or friends anymore. Its the brainwashing they undergo. Its the selfish goal of wanting to gain the paradise new world. Anyone who might discourage them from it becomes the enemy. Anybody, father, mother, child.
    Many of us were like that too while we were gulping down the "food" they were feeding our minds.
    Now that we are out we can see what happened so clearly.
    It was a subtle progressive brain washing.

    When I grew tired of the monotonous schedule and asked my husband for a change in our routine I saw the look on his face. Yep, he was now a pod people. Twenty years of marriage and all we had been through as elder and wife amounted to nothing when I asked him for a break. He insisted I see a doctor and go on drugs like the other sisters.

    This began the end of our marriage, me asking for the book study to be removed from our home and the weekend field service to be conducted somewhere else other than our home after 15 years.
    I just wanted a break. But no, that is not soldiering on to the end.
    I do believe that man would rather see me dead than alive as I am now.

    These people are in a sick condition. I have never told anyone what happened on 911 in our home.
    I am afraid to tell anyone. I came in and told him I had turned on the television early to catch the morning news and that the twin towers were destroyed by a terrorist bomb and that so many Americans had died. He lit up kind of happy and said "The tribulation is nearer!"
    I am not making this up. I slapped him across the face and told him he was insane to say such a thing after all these innocent people had just died and were maimed.
    This was an elder!
    Everyone outside the org is manure to them, fertilizer for the New System. Sad but true.

  • Honesty

    I would rather be plagued with recurring nightmares than to be exposed to Jdub love ever again.

  • Es

    God they loose so much perspective dont they? Instead of showing kindness they kick him out why would he want to join such a religion, its like my elder dad who wont even meet my worldy fiance im like where is your kindness and your not setting a good example, hope he is ok. es

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