JW Shunning Does Accomplish A Lot Of Good...

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  • dedpoet

    being shunned has done me good, i don't have to listen to any more of their bs


    I agree, always have even when I was pathetic enough to do the shunning myself, I am ashamed now, I was so ignorant.

  • tijkmo



    Were Not of Our Sort"As must be expected, though, not all remain faithful. A number have had to be disfellowshipped from the Christian congregation over the years in Honduras, particularly for immorality and drunkenness. Apostasy too, with its arrogance and divisiveness, has cost the spiritual lives of some. Sad as this always is, disfellowshipping saves lives. It keeps the congregation clean, moves some wrongdoers to repentance, and sometimes even gives a good witness.

    For instance, Blanca Rosa was studying with a missionary sister who was about to leave the country. The missionary wanted to transfer the study to yet another publisher, but Blanca Rosa did not want to continue the study. She was curious, though, as to why the missionary sister had to leave. "Go to the meeting tonight, and you will understand," explained the sister. To satisfy her curiosity, Blanca Rosa went to the meeting that night and heard an announcement: The husband of the missionary sister, a foreign missionary himself and an overseer, was disfellowshipped from the congregation. Blanca Rosa was deeply impressed. She thought, ‘This is the truth. Neither race, nor appearance, nor position prevents a wrongdoer from being expelled from the congregation.’ This was the turning point in her life. She got baptized and for four years has served as an auxiliary pioneer.

    yup one experience of someone being so impressed with jw stance on disfellowshipping that they decided to join

    wt has never to my pretty extensive knowledge printed an example of anyone becoming disillusioned depressed suicidal dead as a result of being disfellowshipped

    probably couldnt find any

    cos there arent any

    tijkmo..of the 'its hard to keep an open heart when even friends seem out to harm you' class

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    So true, so true....

    As an example, here are excerpts to the local elders (judicial committee) from a psychiatrist treating my son for depression and an entanglement with a young JW woman that led to his d/fing last week:

    ``Dear sirs,

    I have been treating Mr. (name here) for the past several months as a result of sever depressive symptoms. These have included severe anxiety, diffiuculty conentrating, intense self-criticism, poor self esteem and suicidal ideation. Most of these symptoms have occurred asa result of guilt arising from the circumstances that led to his disfellowship."

    ``As a result of these severe symptoms, Mr. (name here) has been treated on a weekly outpatient basis with psychotherapy and powerful antidepressant medication. been extremely distraught about the prospect of his disfellowshipment and the consequent rejection and exclusion from the spiritual community.

    ``In speaking about the circumstances that have led to his disfellowshipment, Mr. (name here) has been genuinely remorseful and repentant. He has taken complete responsibility for his behavior although hsi transgressions have not been solely the result of his actions.

    ``In any case, as an outsider to the fellowship, I find it reprehensible than an ostensibly loving, caring, spiritual community like the Jehovah's Wtinesses would so shabbily treat a member who is genuinely repentant. At a time like this , Mr. (name here) needs yur support, encouragement and commitment, and not this unreasonable punishment."

    etc. etc. This is typical of the reaction by outsiders who, for whatever reason, catch a glimpse of what really goes one behind the facade of kindness and charity the JWs paint onto their public face.

  • ozziepost

    As yet another example, I know that all those involved from Channel Nine Network in Australia who were involved in the "Sunday" programs were just incredulous as they learned of these practices. Interviewee after interviewee simply opened their eyes to "the real truth".

  • logansrun

    I wouldn't go so far as to say it accomplishes a lot of good.


  • tijkmo

    wow room 215....that could be me you are refering to

    but it wouldnt have mattered to the jc i was on if they had recieved this kind of letter...they would have ignored it as worldly thinking

    i hope your son comes out of this as well as possible ..and good for you for supporting him

  • BrendaCloutier
    but it wouldnt have mattered to the jc i was on if they had recieved this kind of letter...they would have ignored it as worldly thinking

    That, Tij, and used it as proof possitive that inspite of the "excuse" the Doc gave, that being DF'd indeed weeds out the undesireable and that they suffer because they have left Jehavah's protection via his bOrganization.

    Good thread, Honesty!

  • Honesty
    I wouldn't go so far as to say it accomplishes a lot of good.


    It does because the non-JW communities around the world see firsthand what kind of god the JW's worship.

  • LouBelle

    my little brother is only 12 - my mother had left the faith before he could even get indoctrinated - I stayed in the faith, however since my disassociation my brother can't believe how the family are treating him. He says "Lou, they treat you like you are dead to them, I'm like that to them as well now" Here is a kid whose done absolutely nothing wrong but is being shunned by his own cousins, aunts & grandmother because he's my brother & I left.

    But the encouraging thing is that he said they are all being so stupid & if they want to treat us like that, then they'll be dead to us too.

    God bless his little heart!

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