Do you keep a diary?

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  • delilah

    Yes, actually I have kept a diary ever since I was a teenager. I don't write in it every day, but at least once a week. It's fun to look back and remember the things I've long since forgotten. I don't care who reads it, after I'm dead and buried...I ain't got nothing to hide, and my life isn't all that exciting, but to me it's been interesting so far.


  • GentlyFeral

    I've been keeping a diary since I began paganizing and read that keeping a diary of spiritual experiences could be useful. Yep, it's a good thing.

    So there's a lot of magic in it but it's also about my politics, my artistic struggles, my sexlove life and family. None of it is online or visible to anyone I don't trust.

    I do have a rudimentary blog at which consists exclusively of poetry.


    It's late, folks, and I had part of a very special brownie. Do you know how much work those colored .sigs are?

  • colorado5591

    I have alot of them depending on my mood and which personality is present. Some tell stories about my life so that my children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren will have something when I am gone.

    Then I have other more private ones with the nonsensical ramblings of where I am trrying to make sense of this crazy existance.

    Last count I have 7 active diaries

  • greendawn

    I keep a diary though not on the computer because I fear security issues over the internet I don't trust microsoft word for security, later I might get a second always off line computer. I write it on paper sometimes a lot sometimes a little, with long periods occasionally when I write nothing.

  • Es

    I keep a diary i have for years. I dont use it all the time but def when there are dramas in my life, I find writing it down easier than talking to someone bout it, and that way to i feel i can be as harsh as i want bout people and get it out of my system, i just have to hope that they dont fine it heheh es

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