Do you keep a diary?

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  • JH

    Are you the type that likes to keep daily notes on anything and then refer to it later.

    Often I write down my thoughts. ( in Microsoft Word )

  • Legolas

    No but I should........I have a bad memory!

  • Elsewhere

    No. I would never write down such personal thoughts.

    I learned the hard way that such things will be used against me in the most fiercely malicious manner possible.

  • kls

    Nope ,never have and never will . Those are my thoughts and mine alone and don't want any wandering snooping person to read it.

  • JH

    On my calendar in the kitchen I also put down all kinds of notes, like when I should get a hair cut, what temperature it is, or just about anything.

    I keep my old calendars and sometimes I look at my old calendars and read the notes on

  • Legolas

    Yea if I have an appointment I stick it on the fridge and circle it and underline anything that will grab my attention to look at it. Like I said I have a bad memory.

  • patio34

    I read a book about journaling for therapeutic reasons. It stated that many, many people (at least half men) journaled before the 20th century. Then it became the realm of young girls with locked diaries and fell out of favor. Karl Jung attributes his psychiatric theories to the journal he kept. It's very interesting.

    I don't keep a "diary" per se, but keep a family journal that chronicles 10-yrs-to-a-page. That way you can see each year exactly what was going on in the previous years on that very day. I record family events, milestones, and other trivia of our collective history. It's very helpful.

  • Insomniac

    My day planner doubles as my diary. Scribbled in margins, along with shopping lists and reminders to pick up flea medication, are notes written on the fly about life-changing events and my feelings about them. Very interesting stuff was written throughout the day of Sept. 11, 2001, as new information was broadcast periodically. There are some beautiful notations from my first date with my (now) partner, and later on, some pretty spicy stuff from subsequent dates. There is a large heart with my cat's name, from the day I had to put her to sleep. It's not a tidy, organized diary, but it's comforting to have a record of any sort.

    A word to the wise: One day, we all will die, and our relatives will sort through our stuff. Do them a favor, and leave out things they won't want to read, ie details of your sex life. If you must keep track of such things, try using a symbol (such as a row of hearts to symbolize a really hot date,) instead of writing it out. Trust me on this one; your relatives truly don't want to read about your exploits.

  • PopeOfEruke
    Do you keep a diary?

    No, my garden is too small for cows.


  • Dimples

    Nope, no diary for me.


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