Paradise & the Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Crazyguy
    Doesn't the Bible say the meek will inherit  the earth but only the righteous will get to be in the kingdom of  God? 
  • Vidiot
    It's funny; I read those passages now and find myself wondering just how the hell anyone ever imagined that they were anything more than just metaphors.
  • antes8080

    my taught is were are you going find lions and tigers, i live in a big city over 20,000-30,000 dubies there is two zoo's maybe 3 tigers you are going have to wait a over a thousand years just to pet one.

  • enigma1863

    Just think, in paradise we can go back to eating food like this before wicked mans intervention:

  • OrphanCrow

    There is a thread over on jwtalk titled 'The Day After Armageddon' that is quite insightful - the comments are from apparent active JWs. it is an interesting read.

    i have been thinking about how the notion of an 'earthly Paradise' feeds into the mind of a psychopath and also, included in that demographic, a pedophile. In essence, how the idea of returning to a physical body is what propels, and maintains, such an attraction to JW doctrine for the criminally disposed mind.

    A pedophile cannot change - their motivation is always predatory in nature - the stalking, and catching of the victim is what is their primary focus. It cannot and will not change. Receiving a heavenly reward - going to a 'bodiless' place, is a pedophile's worst nightmare. But...the JW promise of a return to this physical earth, in a physical body, fulfills the pedophiles most secret desire - possession of the physical body of their victim. None of that carnal/physical material reality exists in heaven but there will be plenty to found here on earth...forever!

    Or, at the least...maybe...a thousand years of indulgence in physical pleasures before having to face da' judge. 

    The JW Paradise ideology targets those who attracted to the notion of a 'pedophile paradise' in the millennium. Who do you think will survive Armageddon but still be there to offer 'tribulation and persecution' to JWs in the 'Great Tribulation'?

  • sowhatnow

    well 2nd Corinthians 2 vs 2,3,4, says paradise is in the third heaven.

    and Jesus said to the man next to him, you will be with me in paradise.

    so,  where does Jesus live? 

  • Vidiot

    sowhatnow - "so, where does Jesus live?"

    Brooklyn, but moving to Warwick, soon (evidently).

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