mosquitos, and vampire bats.

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  • brandnew

    Since everything in life is supposed to be created by god, why did he create mosquitos, and vampire bats?

    Mosquitos and vpbats live by taking in blood from other animals, and well humans too.  So my question is.....Why would he forbid blood transfusions , when he made creatures who live off of others blood?     Just askin, dont think im weird....or maybe i just got alotta time on my hands since i have no meetings or field service to go to nowadays..; )     

  • TheListener
    I asked that question when I was fading.  I was told that the imperfect world had caused them to become like that.  So I said, you mean they evolved? The discussion ended at that point.
  • brandnew
    Good comeback........right on ! ! ! !
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    This is the story that explains it all:

    Once upon a time there was this talking snake who told a naked lady to eat a fruit and share it with a naked man who had a missing rib.

    Then all hell broke loose. Lions stopped eating grass and started gobbling up baby lambs; Tyrannosaurus stopped munching on palm trees and started sinking their teeth into Brontosaurs; and Galaxies started crashing into each other.

    Please don't laugh because if you do some nasty worm is going to start boring into your eyes. 

  • brandnew

    BWA HAA HAA HA AHA HAAAA HAA ! ! !! ! ! 

    o dang.......on worm alert......

  • prologos
    The least that could have been done, take my blood without giving me the itch. Bloodletting was state of the art medical practise, at one time. breed genetically engineered mosquitoes that spread no diseases, no itch.   
  • brandnew
    @prologos.        10-4 on that
  • FayeDunaway

    It was the flood! The flood caused all sorts of changes!

    (That was an elders response to my question that was very similar to yours)

  • floriferous
    When I asked this question I was told I think too much.
  • WingCommander

    I think more balanced view would be something like this:

    All things created by God in nature have to have balance.  You cannot have infinite growth forever and ever, so hence creatures were created to balance out life with death.  You cannot have one without the other.

    You all think too much.  Classic!  Thinking bad......glorifying the GB, good!   Be a good sheep now and stuff that contribution box, as we don't want to make our Spiritual OverLords mad at us?   

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