What really is the overall objective?

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  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    One can’t help but notice all of the dramatic changes thathave been happening to the organization. This is not the religion that I grewup in. I’m not saying that the religion that I grew up in was better, justdifferent. Since 2010, we have received a new songbook, new bible, new understandings,new names for everything, new this and new that. It seems like change and neware the only things that motivate the witnesses anymore.

    How about theparadise getting here? How about that for a new understanding?

    My point is this: What exactly is the governing body tryingto do? What is their overall agenda? Do they even know? I can’t figure it out.

  • OneEyedJoe
    Yeah, it's all a bit much.  I think they're just changing things just for the sake of change.  It's like they're trying to emulate the hit TV shows these days - always a new plot twist, and the protagonist's goal is always just out of reach.  
  • Dagney

    Quite honestly, most of us were complaining that the WT was not making changes and were out of date in almost everything.  And rightfully, change is good because it should represent examination and acknowledgment of need to change or improvement.

    What cannot ever be ignored is this is a corporation, a business.  All decisions are made to keep the corporation/business afloat.  That is all it is. New look, new marketing plan to keep the interest of the faithful so that they can think what they are doing is relevant.  

    The old folks, like me, find this new branding really odd...I sure didn't see this coming.  But gotta hand it to them...it's SLICK!.  They are distancing themselves from the past.

    I thought it was so interesting one of the threads here about a discussion with a 30 something JW, and all she could say is "go to jw.org and all  your questions will be answered.  

    It's amazing.  Really amazing.

  • sir82

    By constantly providing "new & shiny" things to get excited about, you distract the masses from noting just how vacuous the guys at the top are, and how utterly meaningless the work of the R&F is. Meanwhile you keep building up your own wealth, prestige, and power while no one notices.

    The Romans accomplished much the same by providing "bread and circuses" a few thousand years ago.

    "There is nothing new under the sun".

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    (2 Timothy 4:3) . . .according to their own desires, they will surround themselves with teachers to have their ears tickled.* 

    * Or “to tell them what they want to hear.”

    The Magnificent 7 have created a rod for their own backs, by "tickling the ears" of the sheeple with "new releases" at every annual convention, and all the more so with their grandstanding yearly appearance at the Annual Meeting!

    Witnesses all over the world now await with bated breath to hear what "new lights" the Glorious Ones are going to dazzle us with in October!

    Did I say October? Isn't that a significant month in the Bible calendar? Probably just a coincidence by the G.B.!


    It really is quite fascinating when you look at the WT Org's history, particularly when the majority of the GB has had a turnover.   Russell, then he died and when JFR took over there was a schism and the ones that continued to believe in Russell's teachings were labeled "apostates" while the one's that embraced JFR's changes were renamed Jehovah's Witnesses. 

    JFR hired a new prophet named Fred Franz to be his main writer and doctrine maker...this continued after JFR's death with Knorr also using Freddie.  Under Freddie and Knorr they expanded the GB with hand picked individuals who for the most part followed Freddie's lead.  

     Finally after Knorr and then Freddie died this hand picked GB continued for a while holding the mantle but also making some changes then they eventually had to fill in replacements with their hand picked friends.   Then they started dying off so these hand picked friends made more changes, and so and so forth until here we are today.

     It seemed to me that many of the changes started with Ted Jaracz's death and continued until some of Ted's closest, hand picked GB members were out numbered then more changes happened.  Might be a coincidence but seems like with the death of Guy Pierce in particular changes have be in overdrive.   

     It all remains to be seen what will happen when Losch, Splane, Herd die off and what their replacements will then do.     

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The image of the Watchtower was for decades truly dull and unappetising. The new public relations makeover has done wonders for this malign, self interested and heartless cult. But what is their overall objective? You ask.

    I’d say that there is, and ever was, only  one consideration which exercises the mind of the holy leaders of this religious corporation:  “Will this decision advance the financial interests of the sacred Watchtower organisation?“ Expediency is brought to bear on any doctrine which is failing and is revised in the exciting aura of "new light". It has one purpose; to perpetuate the power of the leadership by the financial security of the organisation. There is total absurdity in deciding new doctrine under these circumstances...it is truly something to ponder.

     How possibly could “truth” ever be a matter of policy decision by a financially driven committee?
  • millie210

    Great thoughts above.

    To me, I get the impression that one gets when a committee is running things and everyone is pulling in different directions.

    It seems like a compromise was made to go more modern in return for bearing down on things like education and early baptism. 

    If you are in the board room listening to the fights leading up to the compromise - it would seem understandable.

    If you are way low on the totem pole it just leaves you scratching your head and saying, huh? 

  • prologos
    I read " new songbook";  "slick", "appealing" , -- but this week the new song 137 was played , sung. what is slick appealing about that? sad, a comedy. a tour de force to have them sing it. 
  • joe134cd

    Yes I agree with XBEHERE comments that change has been brought about by the changing of the guard. 

    The other thing that has brought about change is survival and to stay relevant. This can be seen on their stance on the internet.  If they had still maintained the same position on the internet as they did say in the early to mid 90's the ex-jw community would be running wild.  Well actually it kind of already is. But they have seen the need to react to it, and are presently trying to do something about it. It just amazes me it took them 20 years to figure it out.  The thing that gets me so angry is that millions were held to ransom for what proved just to be a personal opinion of group of guys in Brooklyn.

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