No... I wasn't mind controlled

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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    How ridiculous. Maybe they weren't making enough money off of food service anymore. And if they weren't making money, then no one else was making money off of them either.

    It's always about money. "Simplification" just means make do with less.

    Don't forget they did try the honour system for a few conventions with all the good dubs. The WT reasoning was to simplify things to make it easier on the R&F dubs to not have to handle money. It was more like the WT didn't want to have to declare this as income, that was the real reason why they quit serving food at the conventions. You know they always have a motive and it is mostly about saving them money. Through it back on the average R&F members to pay for. Anyway the honour system lasted on a few years as they probably were taking a loss on the food service.
  • Bobcat

    They don't want you going to outside vendors for food because it affects their negotiations with the arena owners.

    Vendors inside the arena say they are unfairly left out when the agreement between the Society and the arena authorities says inside vendors can't open shop during the DC. But then these same vendors see JWs go to outside vendors for lunch and complain. So the Society 'solves' the problem by barring JWs from going to outside vendors. When JWs go anyways it makes the negotiations for the arena more difficult for the Society.

    It works the same way with the hotel lodging list.

    Everything the Society does/negotiates is mainly in their own interests, but spun to JWs as an obedience issue and as something done for them.


  • berrygerry

    thou shalt not stay at a hotel that is not on the rooming list.


    Kingdom Ministry - Jan 1998 Page 5, Pars 12 and 11

    12 Demonstrates obedience to the Society’s directions: This point should be one of our main concerns

    11. When hotels cooperate with the Society’s arrangement, room rates are lower for our brothers. Instead of our resources going to the hotels, they can be put to better use supporting the families of our brothers and sisters and the worldwide work.
  • cleanideas
    I know they lost money on me when they switched to the honer system for food at the conventions. I was living on my own as a pioneer, had no money at all, so I just took the food and never donated. Considering I was a full time pioneer, and donated a crap ton of my personal time to those vultures, who later ruined my life by convincing my family to disown me, I'm certainly not losing any sleep over it.
  • New day
    New day
    I have never stayed at the designated hotels. Some bros in the cong have asked me if I do, with a wink and a nod, as they have also worked out that it is often cheaper to do your own thing. Anyway. I think it cramps your style if you are staying at a hotel full of bros and sis, some of whom would look accusingly at you if they spotted you having, gasp, of all things, an alcoholic drink!

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