Jesus died for US...technically

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  • enigma1863

    For God so Loved the world he gave his only begotten son and then took him back. That's not love, its a big legal loophole. People have technically died in the past, and by the standards of diagnosing death in bible times you could definitely beat 48 hrs and return. 

    What if this standard was set to contracts or marriages. "Honey I said till death do us part and I meant it. You see I technically died in that car accident for about five minutes so now I'm seeing Brittany."

    This legalese is ridiculous. Its like a millionaire writes you a check on Friday evening but cancels it before you can cash it on Monday. Now every time you run into his friends they tell you how great he is much you owe him.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Yeah, that always irritated me to.  They'd always say oh how horrible it must've been for got to watch his son tortured and killed.  A) if he'd wanted to he could've stopped the torture and had him die painlessly and B) it's not quite the same as a parent watching their child die because he knew he'd be back.  Anyone who thinks that god had it rough watching Jesus die must go through horrible trauma every time they watch their child fall asleep!

    Taking your point a little further, why is it that if someone is technically dead for a couple days that they don't come back perfect?  Death is the price of sin, and they've paid to the same standard as Jesus, so when they come back they should have been raised to perfection and live forever!

  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake

    There are some serious errors and evident lack of biblical as well as biblical era cultural knowledge in both of these posts. 

    Im not going to get into it though. If you'd like to know the proper perspective I'm willing to supply the verses with explanation. 

  • undercover

    It's a fairy tale.  Fairy tales usually have plot holes.

    You didn't really think Neo was resurrected just because Trinity told him to get back up, now did you?

  • abiather

    Ransom Sacrifice is foreign to the OT: "Parents are not to be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their parents; each will die for their own sin."--Deutronomy 24:16. If OT God has not thought about it (Jeremiah 7:31 & 19:5), it did originate from the apostate writers.

    Jesus too had no idea about a ransom sacrifice he was supposed to render (Compare Mathew 12:35-37; and Mather 23:12)

  • cofty

    Vicarious punishment is very much in the OT.

    The entire temple cultus was about killing animals in place of sinners. The Day of Atonement acted out the pantomime of passing the sins of the nation onto a scapegoat and sacrificing the other goat in place of the people.

    Isaiah 53 is all about a messiah who will be beaten and killed in place of others. The Jews of the 1st century were expecting such a messiah. Jesus was one of many.

  • enigma1863
    Jonathan, please do. I don't see how bible scriptures could say anything about the history of determining death. And this is the theology most Christians teach.
  • enigma1863

    Read the story on Angelo Hays... And that was in the twentieth century.

    In the first century:

    If he's not breathing he's dead.If he stinks he's dead.

  • Simon
    It's a fairy tale. Fairy tales usually have plot holes.

    Yeah, as a well-written cohesive story with a carefully constructed plot it's right down there with "Twilight".

    The bible drips with stories of sacrifice and the basis of christianity is basically built on the story of a "human sacrifice".

  • kaik
    Ransom sacrifice of human life is foreigner to the Jewish faith; therefore, Christianity never made sense to Jews and is utterly rejected as nonsense. Another problem with the loophole in the Christianity is the bridge (Jesus) over the abyss (sin) to reach G-d.  Judaism does not teach this concept because there is no mediator between anyone and the G-d.  This was invented by Paul to make Jewish faith obsolete and provide salvation in the mind of the masses only through his invention.  Lastly, why would G-d needs to pay a debt to Himself by sacrificing his son or 1/3rd of His existence...

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