The GB of the JWs guilty or naive and ignorant ?

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  • DannyBloem

    You can be quilty and ignorant at the same time.

    To be ignorant (for example do n ot know that something is not allowed in the natianal law) does not make you less quilty.

    I agree with most that it is not a big consipracy there. I do think they believe that they are doing actually good, and believe what they teach themselves.

    Now what are they quilty of? Giving wrong information? Giving a wrong interpretation of the a story book? Hard to prove....
    Lying? Probably not. (what is the definition of a lie?) Withholding information: yes, but that is no crime.

    Torring families apart. It is the families that do it (they do not even teach it actually)

    The blood policy. Causing dead (not murder of course)? Yes maybe. But here again the people themselves do it. Hard to say if some other teachings are actually benificial for people...

  • Hellrider

    Luna wrote: "If there is a God, if he really takes an interest in anything that's going on on this planet, if he cares at all that these people have lied in His name, destroyed families and individuals in His name, covered up crimes in His name, sacrificed innocent lives in His name, and made a mockery of His name...if any of that matters to Him, then this "Governing Body" are judged guilty and I hope they are sentanced accordingly."

    Yeah, well, that`s the problem for me. I don`t think there is a God, and hence, justice will never be done. I don`t think justice is served by anyone other than humans. If you want justice to be done, do it yourself.

    And the post right before this one said that it is the families that are to blame, as these are the ones that follow the teachings...that noone is forced into following the blood-transfusion-policies, but I disagree strongly with that. When you are brainwashed into this religion, you will believe with all your heart that if you accept a blood-transfusion, or let your children accept it, you are not going to survive Armageddon. This is because the WT SAYS IT IS SO! And well, the GB too might believe that this is true, but that doesn`t take their responsibility away,as these are the ones responsible for these doctrines. Whether they BELIEVE in it themselves or not, is irrelevant, and they are, per definition, murderers!

  • potleg

    The Governing body don't live in the real world. They have no real experience in facing unemployment, taxes, making ends meet etc. also they have no real concept of parenting, loving ones children or feelings of insecurity about growing old or retirement. This is why in part many of their teacings/rules seem out of touch. Yes they are ignorant adout many facets of life and relationships but they must be aware of this. I think they are guilty of wrongful leadership and the willful harming of others, but I don't think they really care.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    I think it's an evolutionary process. What began as 'pure' with good intention has evolved and metamorphosed into just trying to survive - there IS NO message from God, have to wing it boys.

  • greendawn

    Danny, the GB has nothing to do with tearing families apart or with people dying for refusing blood? That's according to their legalistic propaganda they are the ones influencing the dubs to follow those actions under pain of excommunication if they don't obey. How can they claim no involvement?

    As for outright lying they have done so liberally.

  • greendawn

    MC i don't think Russell was in any way pure and much of the current FDS way of thinking goes back to him eg he greatly villified those refusing to accept him as the FDS

  • frankiespeakin


    Your hyperlink is to an article by Jerry Bergman, he is not very well respect here on this forum, he used to post here and his credentials are highly suspect, as are his statistic.

    I do beleive though with out any data that all members of high control groups do have higher rates of depression as they are not allowed to be what thier natural personality traits are but have to conform to an unnatural personality in an image that conforms to what is acceptable to the cult.

    Here is a discussion that he started on this forum:

  • Farkel

    Just one example will answer your question. In Mexico, the WTS encouraged IN WRITING young male dubs to bribe officials to get their military ID cards. The ID cards were "proof" that those men had served their cumpulsory military service. In all other Countries people we told they couldn't even do civilian alternative military service, and people like myself were tried, convicted and sentenced for obeying their commands.

    At the same time, the GB forbade dubs in Malawi from getting a party ID card even though there was only ONE political party in the Country, essentially making those cards meaningless. As a result, hundreds of women were needlessly raped and thousands were beaten and even killed.

    They are blood guilty as hell and they are not too stupid to see their own hypocricy and duplicity, stupid as they are.


  • greendawn

    Farkel I wonder why they singled out Mexico for favourable treatment?

  • DannyBloem
    Danny, the GB has nothing to do with tearing families apart or with people dying for refusing blood? That's according to their legalistic propaganda they are the ones influencing the dubs to follow those actions under pain of excommunication if they don't obey. How can they claim no involvement?

    I did not say they have nothing to do with this. Family members are allowed to have communication and friendship etc with df membes of the family. Some do this, some don't for some reason. By the way, I do not like the shunning at all, and do not think it is good. I think just for any international law or so, they are probably not guilty.

    I wouldnot know any case actually. They have 'misquoted', were wrong in many things, etc. Witheld the truth. But outright lies? Can you give some examples? (I do not say they didn't, nor defending them, just like to know) Danny

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