Idaho Girl Found With Registered Sex Offender Out on Bail on MN Charge

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  • blondie

    Few parents report, unless the molest results in obvious physical injury or death

    Few children make good witnesses in a criminal trial, as they are traumatized and scared

    Few prosecutors retain human warmth toward the victims of such crimes, because they've seen so many and can't emotionally invest in each case

    Few families report family members who molest

    Few lawmakers are passionate about higher sentencing guidelines for repeat offenders

    Few perpetrators are 'healed' or 'cured' of sexual deviancy; recidivism is extremely high

    Few survivors reach adulthood and are then able to pursue justice, as applicable Statutes of Limitation have run...

    But in this man's case he had molested before, was a registered sex offender in the state of Minnesota which supposedly strengthened their legal system in this area recently because of a young college girl who was kidnapped and killed by a registered sex offender. Knowing recividism is high, why then release this man for a measly $15,000 (which he probably had to put up only a percentage of) and then monitor him only every 3 months. Few lawmakers are passionate about higher sentencing because children do not vote and do not donate to their reelection. So if few families/parents report, who will protect the children, if not those in the legal system. How can anyone get into the legal business not knowing they will see the underside of society?

    Stillconcerned, if you are who I think you are, you are doing a lot to help. I hope you are not getting burned out.


  • stillconcerned

    oh-- I'm ok-- just angry at the SYSTEM.

    kimberlee d.

  • avishai

    For all you have done, and still do, thank you.

    Just remember that there are A LOT of sex offenders and those who have enabled them who have'nt gotten a good night's rest in years because of your fight, and won't for a good while, either. Let THEM see what it feels like for once. The sleeples nights, that is.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Poor little kid. I'd be devastated, and probably more than a little dangerous at that point. I am surprised that there is not more vigilante action here in the states...don't know what I'd be capable of...bugger would most likely be safer in jail...


  • hillary_step


    oh-- I'm ok-- just angry at the SYSTEM.

    Before every peak is a mountain. You will get there step by step by step and who knows, even change the System. We are all very grateful for what you a doing.

    Kindest regards - HS

  • avishai

    The judge who let this guy out on $15,000 bond needs to be seriously investigated. You practically get more bail than that for jaywalking.

  • jgnat

    Yeah, the bail thing is what gets me.

    He had been released on bail in April, just weeks before the children disappeared.

    Quarterly visits. Does that mean the police would not have gone looking for him until July? Now, I imagine, the police will have to sort out if this man is not just an opportunist (picking up the little girl incidental to the murders), but a killer.

  • cruzanheart
    Before every peak is a mountain. You will get there step by step by step and who knows, even change the System. We are all very grateful for what you a doing.

    Beautifully put, as always, HS. I wholeheartedly agree.


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Another reason why serial child molesters should be locked down for life:

    There is no logical reason this abduction/muder/rape should have occurred except ther American public is too afraid of labels.

    People that molest children will never be cured. They need to be locked down for good, and kept away from the public. When will Congress folks and people that make laws realize that children our our only resource, and that if they are abused and not protected, they won't protect future generations?


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