Bad examples of intelligent design?

by gringojj 62 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • gringojj

    I am trying to think about examples of animals that would be bad for the intelligent design theory. I like to use the ostrich because it has wings but doesnt fly. Any more?

  • Caedes

    How about the wasps that lay their eggs inside a paralysed spider, nice choice of reproductive method, god. There is also quite a few examples of creatures with very simple behavioural "programs" that can be easily broken or left in a loop. there are spiders that check their lair before depositing food inside, move the food whilst they are inside checking and they get caught in a loop of moving the food back to where they left it and checking inside again. I suppose any naturally extinct creature is an example of bad design from a perfect omnipotent being.

  • andy2tanx

    Dinosaurs. After all, they're now all dead. How intelligent is that?

  • greendawn

    Getting extinct is not all down to poor design.

  • jimakazi

    Disease, via Virus or Bacteria


    Genetic disorders

  • andy2tanx

    True, maybe not in the case of the dodo, but who killed off dinosaurs? Cavemen??

  • jimakazi

    Stars colliding.

    Satrs going supa nova

    Stars truning into red giants [as ours will do]

    Stars turning into red dwarves

    Asteroids [that hit earth - and probably wiped out the dinosaurs]

    Commets [that hit the earth]

  • Pole

    The mix-up of the respiratory, digestive and speech organs in humans. You know - people choking to death on a chicken bone while thanking Jehovar aloud for the chicken.


  • dh

    IF everything was designed by intelligence, there is still no way we can know what that inteligence's design plan was, so there's no way we can know what is a good or bad example. We just assume that something is flawed because it looks that way to us, but we don't know if it really is, or if it was meant to be like that. IF it was designed of course.

  • andy2tanx

    Pink Floyd Song. Wish You Were Here. '...we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year...' For all we know, we're part of some kids lab experiment and right now he's looking in his insectarium pissing himself laughing at all of us wasting our time wondering whether there is a god or not. Fuck it!! Live a little. Stop bothering about the existence of a god or not, get out there, meet people, have a drink or ten, jump out of a plane or climb a mountain. Doesn't matter. JUST STOP BOTHERING ABOUT GOD. HE DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU IF HE EXISTS. God is more likely to be some alien that landed here thousands of years ago and decided earth wasn't worth eating.....

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