Is WTBS now encouraging witnesses to go into business?

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  • zagor

    Just wondering if you’ve noticed the same thing. Last few assemblies I’ve ever visited I’ve noticed frequently one phrase “brother so and so, an elder, etc, and also RUNNING HIS OWN BUSINESS” I’ve heard this time and time again when they’d introduce someone to preset their experience and if I’m not wrong even once or twice when they’ve introduced a new speaker.

    I’ve also heard from others who have noticed the same lately though most of them are interpreting it along the lines “well, it is just a good example of how it is possible to be a self-employed witness and not be part of this corrupt business world."


    Is that a change of tide with WTBS? Are they now encouraging dubs to open their own businesses? I mean I wouldn’t be surprised a bit, considering how many lawsuits are currently under way.

    What are you impressions?

  • hamsterbait

    When the "NEW LIGHT" on tithing comes into effect, 10% of a successful business' profits, plus 10% of the guy's personal wages will make a tidy sum.

    I kid you not they are softening the flock for this move.


  • jaffacake

    So they can employ other Brothers and sisters. When these employees from the congregation find out the truth about the truth, if they follow thir conscience instead of 12 old men, they will lose their job as well as family and friends.

  • DIM

    I seriously doubt "the borg" as you folk call it in your cult like xjw mentality has thought it through to the extent that you think. You guys are paranoid! Let go of your anger, happiness results when don't consider yourself a JW OR an xjw. Try human being. Best wishes.

  • skyman

    DIM Why do you come to this board if you do like be in company with us

    cult like xjw mentality

    You can stick your comment up you _____. Remove this link from your computer then you wont have to hear from us cult like xjw mentality

  • NeonMadman

    I don't think this is anything new. Starting one's own business has always been one of the ways that people have been encouraged to consider to allow them to "arrange their affairs" TM so as to pioneer.

    Note: That expression, "arrange one's affairs" is a peculiarly Watchtower-type phrase that was used often, but somehow it always conjured in my mind the idea of scheduling time with one's mistresses.

  • heathen

    Well since they don't have much education I assume they are talking about janitorial , window washing or lawn and garden type work . Alot of dubs I've known had their own buisness such as locksmith , HVAC, and auto mechanic transmission, building remodeling . Of course none of them would give out a cult discount for knowing you either . They did have that talk about being honest on your taxes every once in awhile ...

  • garybuss

    My earliest memories of going to ritual Witness meetings in the early 1950 when I was 7 years old, many of the Witness men were self employed as farmers, painters, handymen, and carpenters. Later they were self employed as landlords, painters with employees, janitors with employees, and auto pin strippers.
    There's a difference between owning a business and buying a job. I think most people, Witness people included, don't know the difference. Being self employed isn't owning a business.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    Maybe, but I think most True Witnesses can't get a job, I run a high level restaurant/bar/hotel , and its 24/7 365, if a Witness applies for a job, it's like ...

    "Well, The Watchtower is more important then a job, so i can't work Sundays, or Saturday morning, and Thursday nights are out, definitely not Tuesday nights, oh and Monday night I have family study, and Wednesdays during the day I have my own personal study time, and Monday and Thursday mornings I peddle magazines, and Saturday afternnoon's I have a bible study who is learning, and I maybe starting another study on Wednesday nights, but otherwise I can work anytime."

    Yep, those applications go in the G file (garbage can)

  • DanTheMan

    The bros who own businesses are a cash cow and a solid bet of lifetime membership in the JW club.

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