Any "Miraculous" experience happen to you like the ones said at Conventions

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  • soundbox_guy

    I had to sit through those experiences at the Convention, I was wondering, did any of you used to be one of those people on stage giving an experience about how something miraculously happened like getting the exact amount of money you needed to pay your rent on the day it was due? I always hear the stories, but can anybody actually tell me something like this has happened to them when they were a good little witness? And if it has, did these sort of "events" stop taking place after you left?

  • the_classicist

    Someone at the Assembly who was baptized the day before was so "relaxed" by Jehovah's blessing that she slept in the next day and missed the whole morning. Seriously, they used something that lame.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Ok, here goes,

    While following up on a subscription renewel slip I came upon a couple who studied in the 1960's. I spoke with the woman on one day, introducing myself even though she wasn't the one I was seeking. Two days later I returned to bring a reasoning book for her son and the brother and I found her in the garden cutting roses. I told her not to tell me her name, I would try to remember it. I said, "Is it SUZIE?" (name changed for privacy). She was visibly upset and asked why I said that name. Just came to me. Turned out that was the name of her first daughter who died when a little girl due to a heart problem back in the mid sixties. She and her husband were studying at the time. (The woman's name was as far from her daughter's name as "Suzie" is from "Frieda".) Because of that she started studying again and became a witness. Kinda wierd. Poor thing removed herself from the world at large from 1968 till the early 1990's. She pioneerd till her husband, studying... dropped dead of a heart attack in the KH ten minutes into the public talk. Needless to say he didn't finish the Knowledge book. Amazing situation that left me wondering about the intervention by God into people's lives. What about nonwitnesses with similar stories? Gave me pause.

  • katiekitten

    A woman on the doors once said she had been praying for some screws (as in metal threaded implements to join two pieces of wood together) and LO! when she looked in her dead husbands shed there were six shiny screws among all the rusty ones. And GUESS WHAT?? She needed EXACTLY six to finish her job. Well she said it was god, but I knew it couldnt have been because I was a Jehobas Wishness, and she wasnt. So I dunno who was helping her.

    Also a pioneer in our cong was praying once for a chip pan (as in metal home frying implement) and LO! when she went to the charity shop she found one for 50p. Now that MUST have been Jehoba because she was a poineer.

    And ALSO another pioneer was praying for a job and LO - when she looked for a job later on GUESS WHAT?? She found one. I know, its almost too unbelievable to be true!

    Well I thought god was spending all day sourcing screws and chip pans and jobs for holy ones when I was a dub, but now im thinking - who are these people that pray for screws and chip pans? Its not in the Lords Prayer is it? Give us this day our randomly required household implements as and when we see fit to request them. And give them to us immediately so we can relate these improbable stories to other people just to irritate them.

    And also im thinking - if you are going to pray for a job, and then go out and look for one arent you showing a terrible lack of faith in gods ability to provide a job for you? What, you have so little trust in the prayer that you think you will sneak out and look for one yourself just in case the omnipotent and omnipresent one cant find one? I think that is distorting the system.

    Also, being a mathematician now, I believe in random events, and coincidence.

  • the_classicist

    Trust in God, but tie up your camel. -- Arab Proverb

  • JW83

    I've got a good one, but it's kindof embarrassing!

    When I was getting baptized at 14 I had my period & my mum wouldn't let me use tampons but guess what?!! My period dried up on the Saturday so I could get baptised & then came on again on the Sunday!! And has done ever since!!! I definitely thought it was Jehovah's intervention, cos I went to bed the night before thinking I'd have to get baptised with a huge pad in my cozzies. Too embarrassing!! And mum, if you're reading this, I've NEVER forgiven you for that!!!

  • ButterflyCharmer

    I knew of an "annointed" sister that was very poor. But she had been saving
    her money for a better car. Well, she didnt have much saved up, just a couple
    thousand, but while out on service she came across this man selling a luxury
    automobile (mercedes or something), well she offered him the money she had
    saved up, the man laughed at her and said that the car was worth lot more, but
    she left him her phone number just in case. WELL, wouldnt you know it, he
    called her that very same day and sold her the car for what she had offered.
    Of course she said it was "jehoba looking out for his sheep, and blessing her efforts".
    Devine Intervention?? i think not.. I call it being at the right place at the right time!


  • Frog

    I shudder at the very recollection of these parts on conventions/assemblies eeeek! There were some beauties weren't there, just like Chinese whispers, amazing how a story could get so stretched between re-tellings! The ever so common one about not having enough money for food/rent/petrol etc when you're a good god fearing poineer, and then it miraculously appearing. Instead of sitting on your ar*e and praying about it, why not just get of it and get a god damned proper job to support yourself! The fact that so many non-pioneer dubs were guilted into looking out for their 'fellow man' had a large bit to do with the fact that the pioneers were always so well looked after. I think faith in humanity, and the natural desire to give is a better explanation than a belief that god would provide for you so discriminately when he doesn't provide for those who don't even have the basics of life frog

  • DazedAndConfused

    Nothing like that EVER happened to me while in the Borg. This is what I endured while in there:

    Abuse as a child.

    Abuse (sexual, physical and emotional), for 14 years married to a JW man.

    Death of my infant son.

    Constant calls on the phone because of delinquent (sp) accounts. Being told repeatedly "Mr's ****** you REALLY need to know what your finances are in case Mr. ****** dies." (5-10 calls a day)

    Since I have been out, initially it was hell. But in the past 12 years life has been good. Everytime, and I mean everytime I need money for usually comes through. For example, a couple of years ago we sold our house and we needed $600. to pay for new insurance for our new home. Wouldn't you know it, we got $600 in the mail from our old policy that was not used. Gawd's intervention?...I don't think so.

    I could come up with a bazillion examples of where I have benefitted like this since I have left, but not one before I left.

  • iggy_the_fish

    Well said, DazedAndConfused. The mental gymnastics required to simultaneously believe in a God who would find someone $5 for groceries and allow someone else to endure prolonged cruelty, well it just beggars belief really.


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