How can a female go out with a bang?

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  • POs Son
    POs Son

    Just thought you guys would appreciate the Google Ads that popped up for this topic:
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  • blondie
    she cannot announce her DA from the stage

    Well, if she had hidden her feelings until she had a talk on the school, she could have gotten a quick sentence in before they cut the sound.

  • blondie

    Or she could raise her hand at the service meeting or WT study and gotten it in then.

    I know some soon to be ex-JWs that just stood up and talked loud from their seat in the audience.

  • ballistic

    Then there's always radio interferance. You know, congregations now love cordless mics.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    she cannot announce her DA from the stage

    Yes, she needs to think outside the Dub box.

    Who says she can't speak? The Watchtower.

    So stand up and in your clearest and most powerful voice make your statement.


    You don't need no elder!

    You don't need no stinking elder to call on you!

    If you position yourself well inside of the aisle seats, they won't be able to get to you fast enough to shut you up. And if any of the brothers lay a hand on you, scream RAPE! Go to the meeting with a friend. When the time for your announcement draws near, have your friend go outside the Kingdom Hall and call 911, reporting that screams are being heard from inside this "church." Hopefully the squad cars will show up just as the elders get you in their grasp.

    Speak your piece!

  • Soledad

    Plan it really carefully. Is there some dirt you can dig up on some congregation members? Are the elder's kids really bad? Then wait until the WT study or until you get a talk assignment and use that opportunity to dish it all out! If they cut the mics out on you then just stand up and keep talking!

  • Honesty
    I know some soon to be ex-JWs that just stood up and talked loud from their seat in the audience.

    4th row from the front middle of the row of seats. Stand up, face the congregation and let 'er rip.

  • stevenyc

    She can answer up at the watchtower meeting and make her fairwell gift speech.


  • Netty

    I have to admit, when my eyes get tired, I get a little dyslexic. I read this, "How can a female go without a bang?" I was ready with a few suggestions. Oh well carry on...

  • JH

    Get up from your seat, walk to the front stage, lay a big fart, and go away.

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