I'm a newbie...

by hopetofade 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • willy_think


    Oh no don’t say that!

    The pats are world champs, that means Jesus helped them the most, so he loves them the most. Now I'm not saying Jesus will smite you for sure, I'm just saying....

  • love2Bworldly

    Welcome! You seem to come from one of the popular states on this site.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Welcome hopetofade!


  • Netty

    Welcome, good luck with the fade. Sounds like you are doing it right.

  • hopetofade

    Thanks for all the warm welcomes! Hope I can get on here fairly often.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Hey Hope!

    I have been in the fading process as well. Haven't been to a, what do ya call those things, meeting, in a while. I never realized just how much I could get done during the day when I didn't have that hanging over me head.

    Stay strong and welcome to this forum.


  • potleg

    Hey what is it about Wisconsin that 's turning so many away from the borg...I'm from Wisconsin too, Welcome

  • gumby

    Hi there Hopetofade.....and welcome.

    Your hubby sounds a bit like myself. I served as an elder many years....and some of those years, I used tobacco,and pain pills (abusively). I stepped down in 89' as I didn't want to continue being a dub hypocrit and I had the chance to make the move when we moved from Ariz to N. Calif.

    When I was a Servant before being an Elder, I smoked weed for some time. I turned myself in for that in 79', got my hand slapped to being reproved and removed. I was appointed again when the hand slapping stopped.........but years later was using tobacco again. I stayed clean when I was appointed an Elder for some time, but was back to tobacco....then the pill thing.

    It's odd we we dubs can live with ourselves when we sin like that.....yet we might allow a child to die over losing blood. We keep our integrity in the drawer we WANT to keep it in and justify in our minds the rightfulness of our actions. Your husband keeps his loyalty to the organisation......yet at the same time, he is practicing a disfellowshipping offence.......especially doing it for a number of years being a servant and hiding it. He'll be DFed if ever it becomes known to the Elders.....if the JC follows proper proceedure.

    Hopefully he too will see the folly of this group before it gets to that point......or perhaps an event like that would push him out. Best of luck to you both.


  • katiekitten

    Welcome HTF, you are in a difficult position, having to participate in something you are not convinced about - so all respect to you. I hope this site keeps you sane in your time of fading.

    Plus you are of great value because you can tell us whats happening on the inside now and again!

  • lisavegas420

    since hopetofade's husband became an elder while smoking pot, can we conclude that the holy spirit approved of pot?

    Welcome hopetofade, glad you found us....., I hope you are able to get your husband out soon. And I'm happy that you're letting your children grow up to be normal.


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