The WBATS has officially become a Fortune 500 company they are going public Monday buy your shares soon while they LAST!!!

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    With the recent leak and viewing of the Elders video on the New Standard Construction Kingdumb Halls the Rank & File Brobots have officially become employees of a Billion Dollar Publishing and now Real Estate Company, equipped with 7 CEO's and many BUSINESSMEN as shrewd and as money hungry as any rival Fortune 500 company.

    The new Kingdumb halls look like (I have to give it to them) expertly designed commercial properties that any major Office, Restuarant or Commercial leasing company would package as a ultra versatile space!!! The old Kingdumb halls where a tough resale to the general public because of the custom designing aspects of the old Kingdumb halls. They have completely done away with that issue with these new versatile properties which can be converted to an office/restaurant/repair garage/clinic. It's brilliant!!! From a distance they actually look like your local fast food joint! A drive thru so-called church!!! Ha 

    Take a look for yourself...

    The rank and file are real life zombies if this doesn't wake them up!!! SMH!!!
  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake
    Wait, can you confirm their going public on the market? I don't have time to watch a video but I would be surprised if that actually happens.
  • _Morpheus
    Sigh....  No they are not going public. That part is satire.  
  • life is to short
    life is to short
    It's just amazing. And no one that I have heard in the JW world seems to think this is a money making project. Just amazing how blind the want to be.
  • stillin
    Wasn't Jesus alluding to this historic occasion when he gave the parable of the talents? These brothers are being wise with their master's belongings, not just burying them. "Well done, good and faithful slave!"

    Jonathan Drake NO! As Morpheus stated its satire with a heavy dose of reality!!! To view the new design of the kingdumb halls/Commercial properties fast foward the video to 1:07:30 

    Its will have to be so weird to go to a place of worship that looks freakishly similar to your place of employment... Well the Rank & File actually are unpaid employees so go figure why not have them come to a place that makes them feel comfortable...

    It looks like a Mind Control/Brainwashing Workshop where you clock in and clock out...

    I wonder if the young ones upon first view of the building will burst out in tears and anguish fearing they are going to see the local dentist or pediatrician...

    I wonder how the Sistars will embrace their new clinical and sterile place of "worship"??? 

  • stuckinarut2

    I love the fact that we as APOSTATES have seen this whole presentation when the average witness has not!

    Thanks for posting it Adjustments!

    When you talk to an elder, they get all up in hushed tones when speaking about these sort of confidential meetings, and act like they alone can know the content. I feel like blurting out "BUT IVE SEEN THE WHOLE PRESENTATION TOO!" 

    LMAO Great point Stickinarut2! I guess it was Jehovahs will for us to see it!!! 😉
  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake

    Man I hate that I'm one of those that has trouble telling satire from reality. Lol dammit.

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