New "I'm an ex-Mormon" video ... could easily fit a JW

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  • Ignoranceisbliss


    the guy in the video you posted has a whole series on you tube explaining how he proved Mormonism wrong and he used witnesses as his comparison. Also great videos  

  • Simon
    They also seem to be very well made videos as well. It seems like someone with a little Ching is behind them.

    I expect that as the church get's 10% of their income they are less negative about people having careers and making money. So the demographics of people who leave is likely wealthier than JWs (a guess) but they'll definitely have that extra 10% income to use!

  • Gnostic Bishop
    Gnostic Bishop

    I think that that type of testimonial could be applied to almost any of the idol worshiping Christian religions.


    No religion wants it's tenets looked at too closely as the apostles creed starts by forcing who accept it to embrace substitutionary atonement and that is not a moral tenet at all. It matters not if the sacrifice is willing or not. It is immoral to take advantage of such.




  • whathehadas
    Mormons do encourage secular education. A ex-Mormon is better off than a ex-JW because of this. I think the Witnesses are a little more controlling too.
  • exwhyzee
    The Mormon's first mistake was to allow their members to be educated. Former JW's often sometimes have difficulty rising above the frustration that comes from a limited thinking ability and or the ability to articulate his/her experience as a JW without resorting to a lower based anger.
  • pronomono

    Excellent thread you two. I'm partial to the video on Chris though. It's more thought provoking, and I can relate to more of what he says.

    We do need videos like this, but I think these can be just as effective for JWs, especially in how Chris keeps saying our catch phrase - "the truth". Funny how we didn't invent that catch phrase at all. 

  • wannabefree

    Another new one ... these are such great tools.

    My wife is uncomfortable with them, she has caught on to my gig.

    I played this for my daughters today and they liked it.

  • Crazyguy
    I like the part where he said that he stopped judging people, I remember when the curtain over my eyes about my faith fell away, I felt the same way. I now have an intense hatred for the religion I was once part of but I do not judge people anymore.
  • millie210

    Dont the Mormons do even more financial giving? I think they also are pressured to give to their local wards in addition to the 10%.

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