Seriously, Why Can’t Jehovah’s Witness Women Wear Pants?

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  • sir82
    The feminine equivalent of "why can't JW men have beards?"
  • sparrowdown

    It's the old "women trying to be men" thing. According to insecure misogynists, if women wear "masculine" clothes like trousers, then they must be either trying to be men or are lesbians.

  • zeb

    Some lesbians i have known have been the very nicest of people and some of the heterosexual women i have known have not.

    The beards thing may come from the wt adoration of Alexander the Great who insisted his men shave beards off as this in one battle gave the impression to his adversaries that Alexanders army were all boys. And also with no beard to grab it removed another way in which an enemy could get an advantage.

    Does the wts know that the great Alexander was gay?

  • jhine

    I'm sorry to lower the tone , but am I the only Brit to have mental image problems with the no pants thing ? In Britain of course the word pants has a very different meaning - underwear . 

    Now to the subject under discussion , I think that the whole issue is designed to put women in their place in the cong. as mentioned by others . 

    I told some of the JW ladies I know that I am on the rota to do the Bible readings in my church during services ( and now lead the prayers as well ) . They were kind of horrified and fascinated at the same time . Another "proof " I suppose of the apostacy of Christendom . Oh and I often wear a smart pair of TROUSERS to do so . 


  • blondie

    If you were to read secular magazines from the 30's to 50's women were pictured in dresses, even when house cleaning.  It has been hard for the GB of the past decades to accept women in slacks.  Note this comment in 1984:


    *** w84 7/15 pp. 24-25 Deuteronomy Exhorts Us to Serve Jehovah With Heartfelt Joy ***

    22:5—In view of this prohibition, is it proper for a woman to wear slacks?

    The evident purpose of this law was to prevent sex abuses and confusion of sexual identity. In appearance and attire, normally a man wants to look like a male and a woman like a female. For an Israelite to act contrary to this internal sense of propriety could have led to homosexuality. Although both men and women then wore robelike garments, there was a difference between the garb of males and that of females. Similarly, in some parts of the earth today, both men and women wear slacks, though the styles differ for each sex. The principle in this text would not rule out a Christian woman’s wearing slacks sometimes, as when working around the house or on a farm. And according to local custom and necessity, slacks may be the desired attire in very cold climates. The Bible counsels women to “adorn themselves in well-arranged dress, with modesty and soundness of mind.”—1 Timothy 2:9, 10.


  • Xanthippe

    They quote the Mosaic law whenever it suits them, women should not dress like men from Deuteronomy something - who cares which verse.They are not under the Law of Moses why the heck do they keep using it?

    Why don't they keep the sabbath too? When I was in Sundays were completely exhausting, FS and meeting on the same day. Are they going to start putting rebellious teenagers to death too as in the Law? 

  • sowhatnow

    omg, i have been for wearing pants since I was a child.

    heres my logic.  did not paul say he was all things to all people?

     if you go in service and you are working in a neighborhood that is  say a low income  housing project, you come across as being a human services worker, and it makes the people feel uncomfortable. 

    its less attention grabbing if you go t o someones home dressed accordingly, not like some stuck up high society  know it all.

    and, going to meetings. you have either, prairie girl look or I just got out of bed look, or stuck up cindy

    the younger girls are wearing super high heels. and shorter skirts, and butt fitting at that. and clingy sweaters...

    no modesty there.

    how about lace tights?  yes ive seen those, in many colors. hair dyes? yes, extreme eye liner? yes.

    and a simple black pant suit is not modest how??? 


    who wants to see old women's ugly legs and feet? I dont like my own let alone a 85 yr old woman's dried out cracked feet and varicose veiny legs with blubber hanging off them and yes there are those older ones who wear skirts that are not long. its like EWW.

    yes i recall the day when we were temporarily allowed to wear culottes.[ or gauchos]  today they are  called Capri length pants that was stopped though there was nothing immodest about them.

    this is purely no different than what the leaders of extreme religions,  want those women to wear in the middle east.

    I often wanted to just show up at a meeting with dress slacks on just to see if anyone said anything.

  • cofty
    Blondie where did you get that picture of my mum doing the dusting?
  • New day
    New day
    In a congregation near us one sister rebelled, this was years ago, and she insisted on wearing trousers regularly to meetings, especially when it was cold. Her hubby was an elder. The body of elders tried to change her mind but she refused to do that. She carried on wearing them but was always viewed thereafter as a bit odd.
  • Heaven


    Because it's a cult based on antiquated patriarchal ideals with goals to control and oppress women.They clearly place the female gender in a second class position, no different than what the Bible does.

    Misogyny began back to the Bronze/Iron Ages when they killed off the goddess and created the patriachal social system in an attempt to bring stability to a region in the Middle East where tribes were warring. It continues today with ignorant men running religions/cults because it appeals to the male ego.

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